A Victory for the Humies – or have we been Beanie’d again?

I tend to be a bit dizzy when it comes to keeping track of time. Beanie, being quite a stickler for routine had fallen into the role of time keeper. If it’s past tea-time or walk-time or getting-up-time or any-other-time she (and sometimes Biggles) will bark to remind me. It’s worked rather well.

However, our Heelwork to Music teacher, Heather pointed out that whilst this might not be a problem in itself it could well be giving Beanie the idea that it’s her responsibility to give the orders in our house. Whilst Beanie and Biggles have very good recal and are extremely responsive, if we let them off-lead to play they’ll revert to Beaglyness and tend to go out of sight (and earshot). She suggested that Beanie (and Biggles) might be a bit more inclined to keep us in their sights if they feel that we always decide what we do and when we do it.

So I’ve stopped responding to instructions from the Beaglets. So far they’ve given up control without a struggle (and we have seen improvements in attentiveness). However, this morning we had a show down!

I was lying on the sofa watching TV before our morning walk. Beanie started to bark to let me know it was time. I ignored her. The barking got more indignant. She began to whine, then howl. After about 5 minutes she resorted to what can only be described as a tantrum. She howled, barked, whined, bayed and pawed at me to get my attention. I turned my back on her. She grabbed my arm and tried to hump it. I pulled my arm away. She upped the anti a bit more and then seemed quite distressed.

She went quiet for a moment and then jumped up onto me and with body lowered and tail wagging she squeezed herself between me and the back of the sofa all the time giving me little apeasing kisses. Then, with her body pressed up as close as she could get to me she rolled onto her back to expose her tummy. I’ve never known Beanie do this – we can’t even teach her to do a roll over!

I completely melted and she gave me the biggest cuddle ever. She kept kissing me and squeezing up nice and close. I then got up to get ready for the walk. Biggles tailed me as usual as I went from room to room getting ready to go out. But I was aware that Beanie wasn’t there. As I went back to that hall there she was in a perfect little sit waiting for me to tell her what to do. I hadn’t asked her to do this. I gave her a treat, popped her lead on and we all went out.

So, what do you think. Was this a victory or have I been manipulated by the Beanster…..again?