Glencoe Day 1

The recent good weather provided the perfect excuse for another trip in the caravan, this time to Glencoe. We’re due to go there later in the year with a group of canicrossers, but this visit was just for us and our two hooligans.

A big chunk of our first day was taken up by the drive (around three hours) and setting up the caravan, but we still found time to revisit a spectacular viewpoint just off the Devil’s Staircase. To reach it, just park in the layby at the start of the Devil’s Staircase and follow the path. When you reach a cairn and the path forks, take the left hand trail to small, cairn-marked peak.


Just beyond the start


The path is clear and easy to follow


And the views are so good..


..that even busy Beagles pause to appreciate them!





Of course if you hang around for too long – especially if it’s after doggy teatime – there can be reprisals.


We headed back down just as the local insect life was getting hungry, and I fully expected to be further eaten alive when got back to the Invercoe campsite. That hadn’t been our first choice of caravan park; it was right by a loch (midge heaven) and seemed to pack an awful lot of pitches into a small area, but it was the only one with spaces. As it turned out, the midges weren’t much of a problem because the site has surprisingly effective anti-midge machines. The close packing of tents and caravans wasn’t great though and we had to work hard to keep Mr. Biggles, our self-appointed security officer, from loudly alerting us and everyone else in the park about anybody carrying a towel, wearing a hat or walking another doggy.


As well as potent midge-eating machines, the Invercoe site had some nice views across the loch.