More Beagle Racing!

Yep, this was only our third visit to the Sunday races at Inch Farm, Kincardine but we’re completely hooked – in fact we’re now fully paid up members of the Caledonian Thistle Pedigree Whippet Racing Club (Beagle Division).

Beanie showed more steady improvement in her racing ability today. She had two “proper” races, in which she placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Susan handled the release at the start line, while I was down at the finish, trying to juggle a new camera, Beanie’s lead and a decent sized lump of chicken (the “post race lure”).

Here are a couple of shots from Beanie’s second race:


The winner to-be glances over his shoulder to check that he’s got a clear lead


Beanie (in the blue vest) just beaten into third place by a superb lunge for the finish line


Needless to say we were very proud of our pup’s performance, but there was more to come. An additional, somewhat informal race was held, and this time Beanie finished second. This result was subsequently overturned after the original winner was disqualified for being less cute than Beanie (see, I told you it was informal!) This gave Beanie the win, and a second blue rosette to add to her growing collection of achievements.


Beanie closes in on the lure, and the tasty lump of chicken in my hand

Needless to say, we’ll be back for another fix next week :)

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