Sniffy Monster is Your Friend

When the vacuum cleaner comes out in our house we get two very different reactions from our pups.
Beanie has always scarpered to the nearest safe place and refuses to come out until it’s safely back in it’s cupboard.


Biggles on the other hand likes nothing more than a good going over with the hoover!


He follows me around the house standing patiently on the spot that I’m trying to vacuum until I relent.


Recently Beanie’s getting a bit bolder. She won’t let me get near her with the vacuum cleaner but curiosity is getting the better of her. If Biggles isn’t frightened of it then how bad can it be?


Left a bit mum

One Reply to “Sniffy Monster is Your Friend”

  1. Sara

    Ha ha! Love it!

    Murphy’s somewhere between the two, he’s a little nervous of the vacuum cleaner but he knows that when it makes an appearance cushions and furniture get moved and stray crumbs and other edibles get revealed. He’ll follow me about, standing right behind me ready to strike, but if I turn around suddenly he’s off like a shot!

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