Flyball Time Trials

Time trials were scheduled for tonights flyball class. Last time we did them was in May. Back then the jumps were set at 8 inches and their times were as follows:

Beanie : 5.98 seconds
Biggles : 8.23 seconds

Tonight the jumps were set at 10 inches (which is Beanie and Biggles full jumping height). Their times were:

Beanie : 5.2 seconds
Biggles : 6.75 seconds

Which isn’t at all bad! There’s still lots of room for improvement with Biggles, but he’s still very young and as only recently started training properly.

Paws In The Park, Beagle In The Rucksack

Recently Beanie & Biggles’ obedience club – the Glasgow Dog Training Club – had its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone the club held a huge fun day in Rouken Glen Park called “Paws in the Park”.

As Susan is a member of the Glasgow Dog Training Club committee the whole family was roped in to some degree.  I had been asked to take photographs for the club website and Beanie and Biggles were featuring in the flyball demo which was being provided by their club – Lomond Flyball.

When I’d dropped Susan off at the crack of dawn the sites for the various attractions had been marked out but nothing had been erected. By the time I returned with Beanie and Biggles just a few hours later the change was amazing – stalls selling all things doggy-related had sprung up everywhere, enclosures were fenced off and ready to go and visitors were already starting to gather. There wasn’t much time to admire the transformation though, because the flyball demo was starting shortly and Beanie & Biggles were in it!

Given our two pups’ superb performance in a recent competition, I had been confident that they would play their part well. However, when I heard the music blaring around the main ring, pipe bands, cheerleaders and dogs everywhere  I was beginning to wish that Susan hadn’t said to quite so many people “Make sure you’re there to see Beanie and Biggles in the flyball demo – they’re amazing!”.

My fears proved well grounded as you can see in the following video:

We often joke that Beanie has a faulty nose as she’s often hopeless at finding things. But somehow she sniffed out  bonios in a rucksack from yards away. She remembered her training to a degree and when the time came for her first run she flew over the jumps and headed for the box to release the ball. But at the last moment temptation got the better of her and she sharply veered off to the right and made a bee-line for one of our team mates rucksacks. Club instructor Sarah quickly left her station behind the flyball box, extracted Beanie from the rucksack and prised a couple of bonios out of her mouth.


From that moment onwards, in Beanie’s mind the rules of the game had changed. A flyball run was no longer complete without a trip to the bonio rucksack! The audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy the chaos that followed.


Err.. the ball’s right here!


Little Robbie – one of the few who stayed focused on the ball


But eventually Biggles..


..and even Beanie managed to get it right!

The more advanced dogs followed and showed the spectators how it should be done.




Of course while the other dogs were running, our two weren’t quite finished letting the side down. What’s the most embarrassing thing that your dogs can do when you’re wearing your obedience club polo shirt and there are scores of people watching? How about a noisy round of play fighting while you demonstrate that you clearly have no control whatsoever over your dogs?


Fortunately order was restored fairly quickly.

Naughty? Who me?

After the flyball Susan had to rush off to work on the  ‘Dogstacle’ or mini agility stall.  There was a gazebo beside the course so we popped Beanie & Biggles crates in there and settled them down for a nap while I went off to check out the other attractions.

The Dogstacle course was running throughout the afternoon and proved to be very popular – there was a queue at it all day long!



Beagles seemed to be very well represented and we even bumped into Thomas who we’d previously met at Beagle Racing. Here he is having a go at the Dogstacle course:


Sue and Kevin Rose (the couple that host the lure coursing events that Beanie and Biggles enjoy so much) came all the way from Rumbling Bridge to set up a lure coursing run, free for all visitors to try. Obviously there was only room for a short course, but still it was enough to give dogs and owners a taste of how much fun the full thing can be:



This fellow got the idea of chasing the lure straight away


Cuillin was also a natural (Cuillin’s mum plans to take him to the next event at Rumbling Bridge!)


But the best lure chaser I saw was Tess – particularly impressive given that she’s only recently returned to full activity after her spaying op!

The flyball team also set up a have-go course that proved to be very popular. Not all of the newbies managed to return with the ball on their first go, but at least none of them raided any rucksacks!




In the main ring there were presentations by the Greyhound Awareness League and Dog’s Trust:



..and a demonstration of heelwork to music:




This was followed by a series of very popular dog shows (including junior handler, pedigree and crossbreed categories) and finally a doggy fashion parade featuring the latest and greatest from The Pet Stop.

The Dog’s Trust also ran a Doggy Dash competition throughout the afternoon – a short, timed restrained recall with some handsome prizes going to the fastest dog. I fancied Beanie’s chances in this and before the competition closed I prised Susan away from the Dogstacle stall and we gave both Beanie and Biggles a chance at glory. They both ran well and came straight to me but sadly their times just weren’t good enough to claim any prizes – the competition winner was a very cute little 7 month old Tibetan Terrier who shot over the line like a shaggy, fur-covered bullet.

Lining the path between the various have-a-go events were a multitude of stalls. Some were simply aimed at raising awareness about animal issues, while others sold anything and everything from personalized gift cards to hand-drawn portraits and of course a wide range of pet products:






It’s just as well that yellow duck can’t read ;)

The time flew by and at 4pm everything came to a close. If the setting up of the stalls and enclosures had been impressive, the clean up operation was even more so. As the event was closing I took Beanie and Biggles up to the meadow for a nice walk while Susan was helping to pack everything up. I came back within an hour  and everything was gone and the park was left completely spotless. Well, perhaps not completely. One or two rawhide chews had been left on the grass, but fortunately Biggles was able to help with these. Beanie does the giant Bonios in other people’s rucksacks, while my boy takes care of stray rawhides. What a team!

As always, all photos of the event are available here.

Read more about Paws in the Park here.

Pampering the Athletes

Beanie and Biggles were clearly inspired by their first flyball competition at the weekend – they were flying in last nights training session!

They’re both taking part in the flyball demo at “Paws in the Park” at Rouken Glen Park on Saturday 22nd August (hosted by Glasgow Dog Training Club). And they might be going down to Yorkshire at the end of the month to team up with a couple of dogs from another team to do their first full ‘starters’ competition!

As they worked so hard last night we decided to forego today’s evening walk in favour of a leisurely swimming session at Allers Farm Kennels. It was a good call. It gave them a chance to really chill out and rest their joints whilst stretching out and gently working their muscles in the pool.














And finally here’s the now obligatory “Biggles looks crazy when he’s shaking the water off” shot: