Poopwork to Music

It was Beanie’s turn to go to heelwork to music class this week.

“Oh, she’s so sweet”, “So cute” and “Isn’t she gorgeous” gushed the other dog owners and our teacher Heather. I have to admit to feeling a tiny bit proud of her…….until she squatted down and did the biggest dump you’ve ever seen in the middle of the floor! No warning. Not even an interruption to her little dance routine. Just weave, weave, twist, circle, dump, turn, twist and “gimme my treat”.

Pride comes before a fall!

Mummy Can’t Dance

It was Beanie’s turn for heelwork to music on Monday night and she wasn’t impressed by my performance! Paul and Biggly boy came along to spectate and take pictures (and woof).

This wasn’t a dance move – just Beanie helping herself to treats!

Walking tall

Leg Weaving

IMG_2477With Teacher Heather

And a little video clip:

John Revolta

It was Biggles turn at Heel Work To Music tonight and his new buddy Bundy was there too! Bundy is a young Beagle (a relative of Beanie’s) that we met on the beach on Christmas day. Bundy was there with her dad as her mum wasn’t well.

Biggles (left) and Bundy (right)

I thought Beanie was very good last week, but Biggles was in a league of his own. In fact Heather even said that already his attention was better than some Beagles in competition!

Leg Weaving
Walking Between My Legs (Forwards AND Backwards)
And getting ready….
To Deliver a Big, Sloppy Kiss!

That big sloppy kiss in the picture above wasn’t quite what was supposed to happen. The idea is that you pop a tasty treat in your mouth to teach the dog to watch your face. But Biggles had other ideas!


But it’s not ALL about food with Biggles – he really can’t resist rolling over for a tummy tickle no matter where we are!


Bundy did very well too….

Walking Between Her Dad’s Legs
Showing Off Her AcrobaticsIMG_2179
And Making Time For a Soppy Cuddle

Even Leg Weaving On Her First Night!

Heather says if we get any more Beagles in the class she’s going to have to split us out into an all-beagle Heel Work To Music Class!