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  1. Bella

    Hey Beanie!
    How are you sis? :P i’m getting my operation next Tuesday :-( was wondering if you were planning on heading to rouken glen this weekend maybe saturday morning and we could have a wee off lead run around! if you’re up for it let me know!
    love Bella x

    p.s love the site and all your pictures!

  2. Beanie Post author

    Yay!!! That sounds like good fun ! :)

    I usually take mum & dad to Rouken Glen at about 9.30 am on a Saturday and start out in the middle of the big meadow (they tend to wander off and get lost so I make sure I take them somewhere where I can keep an eye on them). But I can be there any time or place.

    Or what about Beagle racing at Kincardine Bridge on Sunday? You’d love that Bella!!! You and me can show those old dogs that us puppies rule!!

    Love Beanie

  3. Bella

    i cant do the racing on sunday but i’m hoping once i’m feeling better after my op i’ll come! so Saturday morning i’lll see you at the park! yay!

    Bella x

  4. David Harris


    It’s Jasper’s dad here. We enjoyed the day at the races even if Jasper was a non starter. I think he is a little embarrassed although he doesn’t talk about it that much. The photos were lovely and I have a new background for my laptop.

    I haven’t been to Rouken Glen recently but I was wondering if you do web site design as I am impressed by your site.



  5. Paul Roberts

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the kind words. Yep we do web design though we’ve been scaling that back lately to concentrate on the software side of things. I’ll send you an email.

  6. Louise McAllister

    I am now all the way back at Pippa of Lairfad and Tess also has quite a number of Rossut in her line.

  7. Lee Brotherston

    Hey Beanie and Biggles,

    I love your website. Whenever there is a description of either of you, it could just as easily be my beagle Gertie that is being described.

    I was wondering what kind of camera is used to capture all of those great pictures of you two.


  8. Paul Roberts

    Hi Lee,

    Glad you like the site, and that Gertie’s just as crazy as our two.

    Camera-wise, I started out using a Sony H50 but that didn’t handle the action shots too well. I switched to a Canon EOS 40D around September last year, and that’s great, though I’m still getting the hang of it. Most shots are taken either with the 28-135mm or 70-300mm EF lenses.

  9. Lee Brotherston


    Thanks for the response. I have another question regarding diet. I read your one entry that mentioned you were feeding Beanie raw. Are you still doing the raw thing? Since we picked Gertie up from the breeder, she has been fed exclusively raw food and she is doing great on it. I’m just curious how it turned out for you guys.


  10. Susan Westlake Post author

    Hi Lee,

    Beanie didn’t do so well on a raw diet. She was healthy enough, but her performance took a nose-dive. Compared to when she was fed a Burns Kibble diet she was slow, sluggish and had poor stamina. It was drastic enough that other dog owners in the park noticed and asked if she was ill!

    I don’t think it was raw meat that caused the problem, but rather the lack of carbs in her diet. Through trial and error we’ve found that a diet consisting of 75% Burns Active kibble and 25% cooked meat, cooked veg, fruit, sardines, salmon, eggs, probiotic yogurt etc works best.

    It’s early days, but it looks as if a similar diet suits Biggles too.

  11. Bella

    Beanie you swallowed a whole bag of treats!? thats impressive. Shame you didnt get to enjoy it :P
    Will you two be at the park at the weekend? im in desperate need of a good run around!
    Love Bella x

  12. Beanie

    Hi Bella,

    It wasn’t so bad. I got a whole tin of dog food at the vets….then I was sick.

    We’ll be there Sunday – usual time.

    Beanie & Biggles

  13. Kirby

    Hi Beannie and Biggles, I won’t get to see you for 10 days, I’m grounded. Mums going on holiday and I had a dreaded trip to the vets. I got 3 staples in my leg and the vet said no park visits and no mud.You know how I like in the mud. Mum thinks it might have been glass in the river, I covered Amber in blood before Richard discovered it was my paw so my walk was cut short. I’m really gutted, I was looking forward to my Aunty taking me out.

  14. Murphy

    Hi Beanie, Lexx & I missed you at the Clear Run Agility Fun Day. We had a great time. I hoped you could meet my pal Jude – she’s a kelpie too.

    Mum says I did really well, cos I won 2nd place in the Agility class. Mum likes the rosette, but I really liked the BIG biscuit & hugs from everyone.

    Hope to see you in the park for a run soon & you can tell me more about your flyball. Murphy

  15. Natalie Hughes


    Discovered your site via In Full Cry and have become a big fan. It’s become a daily routine now to check out the latest on Beanie and Biggles. They are truly adorable. Have a beagle of my own – William – a rescue who is now 10 years old and without a doubt the apple of my eye.
    Thanks so much for the stories you share, makes me wish we were up in Scotland so William could run and play with your two babies – although I imagine your two would probably scare the fur off him as he is a big scardy-dog at times.

    As ever will continue to look forward to the progress Beanie and Biggles make in racing, flyball and agility (seriously impressed with how far Beanie has come and how well she is doing), and laughing at the things those two get up to.

    Kind regards
    Natalie (and William)

  16. Susan Post author

    William can’t possibly be a bigger scardy-dog than Biggles! That little boy holds the world record for flipping onto his back at the first sight of anything bigger than a mouse!

    We’re recently discovered he’s got an obsession with sheep. He goes nuts if we’re walking in open country and he spots one. We suspect that if he did get off-lead and he caught up with one he’d promptly flip onto his back for a tummy tickle!

    I’m glad you like the blog. It’s a fun way to record all the good times!

  17. Natalie Hughes

    Okay not sure about if William would flip on his back at the sight of a mouse. But he’d certainly run away if a sheep came close (unless it was a nice cooked lamb chop) Including and especially the stuffed kind. Plus squeaky toys are the most terrifying thing he’s ever encountered. And if a small dog barks hello at him, he either runs away in terror – because of course the little dog is a giant killer that wants to eat him – or he literally hides behind a person’s legs *laughs*

    Still, he’s as cute as can be and a prize manipulator. That dog could get away with murder and we happily let him. That face can slay with cute. As your two could easily do as well.

    It’s fabulous!

    I do have a question, which I hope you won’t mind answering. Your photographs of Beanie and Biggles are incredible. Do you mind telling me what camera you use? I love taking photo’s of William, but they don’t always turn out so well and would love to know how you do it and with what camera.

    Thank you :)


  18. Kirby

    Hi Beanie and Biggles, Just thought I would let you know that Ten Pin Robbie has outdone himself. He knocked over 2 people this morning, taking his count to 11. His first target was Tess, Tara and Clara’s mum then Mya’s dad. So you will need to come up with a knew name for him. Yesterday there was 27 dogs in the field, the most I have seen at one time. See you sometime. Kirby

  19. Paul

    Hi Natalie

    Really glad you like the site!

    Regarding the photos, you really need digital SLR to have a decent chance at capturing dogs at play. I went through a couple of “point and shoot” type cameras before I realized this! Most of the shots since about September last year were done with a Canon 40D, but brand really doesn’t matter, so long as it’s fast enough to keep a dog in focus while it’s moving. A fast frame rate (rate at which photos can be taken per second) is a big help too – I shoot loads of pictures each week, and only keep a few.

  20. Paul

    Hi Kirby,

    That’s great news about the Robster. I reckon we should call him “The Juggernaut” after the character in the X-Men comics. Once he gets going, nothing can stand in his way :)

  21. Natalie Hughes

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for that. Do have an SLR – Nikon, but just wowed by your quality and clarity of them. I still can get blurred results with William even on the Nikon. Maybe I just need to check the frame rate.
    Thank you for letting me know.


  22. Alicia, Lola & Magnus

    Hello Beanie & Biggles! My husband and I are the proud owners of 2 beautiful beagles, Lola & Magnus. We always wanted a beagle so we bought Lola who totally besotted us. We just had to have another one, so along came Magnus! I wish there were organized beagle walks here in Cheshire! xx

  23. Pamela Thornton

    Hi its Pam. I keep reading the blog whenever i can i think its really good and the dogs are wonderful. Me and my grandaughter,Lauren love watching the videos. Lauren especially enjoys the swimming one. You both look so well on the pictures. think of you lots love Pam

  24. Beanie and Biggles

    Hello Pam and Lauren! It’s lovely to hear from you. Pam, I’ve still got the toy you gave me when you came up to visit me – it’s my favorite!

    We’re glad you like to read about all our adventures. We’ve got some VERY exciting news that we can hardly keep to ourselves, but keep reading and we should be able to tell you in a week or two.


    Beanie and Biggles

  25. kirby

    Well you 2 beagles, what have you been up to since you moved? Looks like a nice big garden for you to dig up. We have a few new pups up the park now. Hope you get lots of pressies this year.

  26. Beanie & Biggles Post author

    Hi Kirby,

    We’re having a great time in our new house – walks on the beach, in the countryside….and our huge garden. Haven’t tried digging it up yet…..great idea!!! There’s loads of room to play chases in the house too – huge long hallways and nice big rooms. It’s great fun!

    Not quite sure about the strange hooved critters living at the bottom of our garden though. We need to give them lots of stern woofings to keep them in their place.

    We’ve just got our broadband connection up and running today so Dad will post up our news soon.

    Beanie & Biggles

  27. Bundy

    Hi Beanie and Biggles,
    you guys look like you are having a ball in your new home and enoromous garden.

    My two legged pets have had me out in the snow over the past few days and its great having all that extra white stuff to eat :O)

    I like going big walks in the country and running around at the Troon and Irvine beaches (Hopefully see you there for a chase,im down most weekends) and have recently taken up swimming lessons at the hydrotherapy in Ayr.

    Ive been thinking of giving the agility and flyball a try after watching you guys doing it so well and having so much fun but dont know of any clubs can you help?? Im from Kilmarnock and would love to try it.

    Although im a very good girl most of the time, i sometimes bark quite a lot and the two legged ones were wondering if you know any solutions to this?

    Look forward to seeing what you get up to next on your great website :O)


  28. Susan Post author

    Hi Bundy,

    Our Agility teacher is Carol Rogers from http://www.clearrunagility.co.uk – she’s fabulous…exceptionally good. She understands us doggies very well and we’ve had lots of one-to-one lessons for things other than agility. She really is fantastic.

    I know she has a class in Dalry although it’s full at the moment. She’s not the cheapest, but she’s worth every penny. We prefer to get her to give us a private lesson every so often and we practice ourselves the rest of the time.

    We go to flyball in Dunbarton (www.lomond-flyball.co.uk) – you’d be very welcome if you wouldn’t mind the journey. A lovely bunch of people and doggies!!!! There are only three clubs in Scotland as far as I know and that’s the closest one. But who knows – maybe we can get a club started in Ayrshire with their help?!?!?!?

    Why on earth do your two-legged ones want you to stop barking. Are they mad – don’t they realise how lucky they are to hear your words of wisdom so frequently!

    Look out for us on the beach and come over and say hi! Mum and Dad say we’re getting a fantastic Christmas pressie that we can use on the beach. Don’t know what it is yet but you can play with us if you like!!!


    Beanie & Biggles

  29. Bundy

    Hey Beanie and Biggles, great to see your recent pics and news on the blog. Hope you are both well and having lots of fun. You are the luckiest beagles ever getting the portable lure for Xmas. I got lots of great pressies as well, including a bone shaped toy box which my dad made for me and lots of toys to fill it, even got a handmade card from my gran with a picture of ME on it!!!. I was hoping to bump into you both over the holiday period for a good chase but never spotted you’s, never mind… I managed to borrow a few tennis balls along the way. Went to Rouken Glen and Pollock Park (mum n dad never let me off lead there…seemingly too much wildlife running around)dont they realize how much fun that would be??!!!! Managed to steal myself an extra yummy treat the other day when I robbed the shopping bags and sniffed out a packet of chopped pork, by the time mum appeared only half the wrapper could be seen!!!
    Better get back to the couch for a snooze before mum or dad steal my place.
    PS. Hopefully bump into you both at the next lure coursing day.

    Love Bundy

  30. Beanie and Biggles

    Hi Bundy,

    It’s good to hear from you!

    We used to go to Rouken Glen and Pollock park all the time. One of our Beagle pals from Rouken Glen spent a WHOLE NIGHT in the park chasing foxes!

    Mum has sent your mum & dad an email so hopefully we’ll get to meet up soon to play on the beach. You can have a go at chasing our lure if you like.

    Love Beanie and Biggles

  31. Bundy

    Hi guys,

    Woooww! Your new portable lure looks fantastic and you guys are the top dogs at catching it!!

    Hope your all well, Brian’s just brought me back from a big run around irvine beach. As usuall met some new playmates.

    After the beach we went Brian’s brothers house to see there new puppy. His name is Benji, they got him from the dogs trust. We think hes a Labrador , Viszla mix. Hes lots of fun and loads of energy as well.

    Looking forward to the HWTM Mon night so hope to see you there.

    Love Bundy xx

  32. Beanie & Biggles Post author

    That’s great news that you’re going to HWTM! It’s Biggles’ turn on Monday. Make sure you have a light tea and LOADS of treats with you. Tiny bits of chopped meat. You’ll get through more than you think. We’ll need to get a few more beagles along and turn it into an all-beagle HWTM class!!!!!

    I’m glad you found out it wasn’t on last week. We turned up and stood outside like lemons for half an hour!!!!

    You’ll need to come up to our garden to try the lure sometime. Mum & Dad won’t use it on the beach until they’ve had a bit more practice.

    See you on Monday!

  33. Kiaora

    Hi Beanie & Biggles,

    Just wanted to say how much my Mummy is enjoying reading your blog. She tried to do the Photo Guestbook, but for some reason it would not take.

    I am a 8 month old Beagle that lives in Los Angeles. My brother lives with my Grandma & Grandpa. His name is Wellington.

    We love seeing all the fun stuff you get to do. Mommy is going to start me in agility hopefully in a few months. I have to get checked out from the vet first to make sure I am strong enough. You look like you lead a super fun life and very much loved.

    I did ask to be your Mum’s friend on Facebook. You 2 should have your own Facebook page. There are loads of beagle & beagle breeders on Facebook. We have a super fun time on there. My name on there is Kiaora Beagle.



  34. Bundy

    Hey guys

    Looks like the two B’s are loving having their playground back. Poor Biggles getting his tail chewed on…mind you I bet he loves all the attention from the girls! Hope the weather picks up for Flyball on Sunday, the pics were great from the last time, think Bundy could be a natural like uz!

    Caroline, Brian and Bundy

  35. hello

    hello, im new to this site but it looks interesting, i have 3 beagles, im just curious as to where is the lure coursing for the beagles? id love try mine on this, my email is [removed for privacy], many thanks

  36. Mark and Suzanne Edwards

    Hi! We are newcomers to this website and are amazed
    By all the activities for beagles and their owners, there appears to be very little going on in our part of South Wales, but we would be very gratefull for any tips anyone may have to help us lead train 2 of our 4 beagles, brother and sister Gus and Lucy are 15 months and were bred by us and rated at a home with other beagles and an elderly Scottie. They are fairly well behaved at home but turn into horned Devils when on a lead, with extreme overexcitement shown to almost anything the come across, eg Dogs, people cars you name it, it sets them off into manic pulling, screeching and barking, and they will not stop for anything until they are out of sight completely sometimes they even start when they imagine a dog is coming around the corner when there is nothing there,
    This as you can imagine is driving us to distraction and could anyone suggest how we can resolve this
    And enjoy our walks again. Gus and Lucys mother is with us and she does not show any sign of this behaviour although she has many beagle traits some good I promise. With thanks Mark and Suzanne Edwards.

  37. Susan Post author

    Hi Mark and Suzanne,

    That sounds like our boy, Biggles. He’s two and a half now and *starting* to settle down a little. Fortunately our girl Beanie is quite quiet so whilst she joins in it’s not to the same intensity and she can be fairly easily calmed down.

    Two like Biggles must be a nightmare!

    Nowadays our walks are normally fine, but he can still have an outburst at any time. We made a bit of a breakthrough recently. Take a look at our recent post “Chill!” (including the comments). Also scroll back through a few posts and check out the “Nothing in life is free” policy that our behaviourist prescribed. We’ve seen big improvements since starting this. NILIF is a bit of a ‘fix all’.

    I sympathize – having just one like this drives me nuts!!! LOL

    Another thing that will help in time. Take their meals out on walks (assuming you feed kibble). Every time a dog looks at you give it a treat. In time they’ll look at you more and more. This *should* reduce the amount of situations that result in a baying frenzy as they’ll be more interested in you and less interested in their environment.

    Best of luck!!!

  38. Elaine May

    Thank you so much for your blog. Beangy the beagle and I enjoy it very much. More power to beagle lovers.

  39. Víctor

    Hi, Jacko (my crazy beagle) and me follow you from Spain. First of all we have to say that your blog is amazing and very usefull for new owners like me. We practice agility and we´re begining with canicross. I´ve bought and X-Back harness but I´m not very happy with it. I´ve seen your pictures and I would like to know the name of this kind of harness. Another question I would like to ask to you is if you use some technique to get your beagles run in front of you or if this is something natural for them. Thank your for your time and congratulations for your wonderful website. (sorry for my English).

  40. Kiera Scott

    HELLO :)

    I have been running with my dog or a few years now and together we both love it! Iam for ever entering 5k, 10k races and i have been trainning for my frist half marathon which is at the end of may. My dog has been going all the trainning with me and so is very fit. I would love to do some canicross events with her and would love some more info if anyone has some on events in scotland? and how event days work?

  41. Maxine Neath, Isle of Skye

    Hello Beanie & Biggles. Saw your article in the RBS Sense magazine. My hubby & I have two rescued beagles, Harry and Bella. We got Harry via Beagle Welfare & what a handful he has been but has settled down now. A year later we acquired Bella from someone we know on Isle of Skye & they are just inseparable! I will post a picture on here soon. Love your site and will keep checking what you are up to!

  42. Susan

    Hi Maxine,

    We’d love to see a piccie of Harry and Bella. Glad Harry has settled down….ours still haven’t !! LOL

    We’re heading up your way soon – our first trip to Skye. Can’t wait!

  43. Susan

    Hi Kiera,

    We used to do races with the Beags (fun runs, parkruns and also canicross races), but the dogs get very excited and we now prefer to take them on informal trail runs – either just us or with a select group of friends and dogs (dogs that won’t wind up the Beags too much!).

    That said, I can highly recommend CaniX races – they are the experts when it comes to canicross so check out their websites. And if you’ve got a parkrun near you give it a go. We loved the parkruns but Beanie and Biggles made SUCH a racket….they thought it was a hunt!! Great way to ‘race’ with the dogs every week.

    CaniX events are very well organised. All the events we’ve been to have a staged start so you just queue up and the dogs are started 5 seconds apart. Some dogs do get over-excited whilst waiting (our biggles did), but that aside it’s a great experience.


  44. Susan

    Hi Victor – sorry I haven’t replied to you. Didn’t notice your post here. But I think we’ve chatted via email and I answered your question there?

    If not, then we find the Euro Short harness is fab for our Beagles (Canix harness).

    As for teaching the dogs to run out in front – perhaps running with a group; with a family member out in front – that kind of thing. Although be careful what you wish for as you may find the day comes when you’d love to go back to having your Beagle running beside you!!! LOL In our experience Beagles have a tendency to go into ‘hunt mode’ and when that happens you can’t STOP them from pulling like trains, which means fabulous canicross performances but perhaps not 100% good for the Beaglets if they do it all the time.

    We now discourage pulling altogether on training runs knowing that if we’re ever in a race or group situation they’ll happily switch into pulling mode.

    Hope this helps. We’re going to get our canicross specific website up soon and I’ll put all our experiences and ideas on there.

  45. Lesley Reith

    Hi both (Mum & Dad as well as Beanie & Biggles)
    I wonder if you would consider doing a Beanie & Biggles calendar.
    I always get a Beagle calendar to put on my kitchen wall, and frankly there are rather a lot of months when I have to look at a rather fat, old or not very pretty beagle, who is just sitting and panting (perhaps they just don’t have as fast a camera as you and can only photograph them when they are knackered.
    Being the owner (Mum) of a particularly pretty beagle called Bronwyn, it is a let down to see the ones on my wall.
    Anyway you have some of the best beagle action shots I have ever seen and would be proud to display your two in full flight with unruly beagle ears at full flap!!
    Hope you like the idea
    Lesley & Bronwyn xx

  46. Maxine Neath, Isle of Skye

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for your reply. If you are anywhere near Portree, I would love to see your two and meet you both. I work at Skye Property Centre/Anderson Macarthur Solicitors in the main square (by red post box) and we are all doggie lovers here in the office (in fact we have two resident dogs, one spaniel and one black lab). If you are passing, please drop by! I am away in June for a week but any other time. When are you visiting Skye? Maxine Neath

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