Red Gold and the Great Bog Roll Shortage of 2008

If oil is “Black Gold” then tomato ketchup deserves to be known as red gold for its ability to neutralize the unique and overpowering odor of fox poo.

Beanie’s rolled in fox poo several times now, and while standard puppy shampoo can get her looking clean afterwards, it doesn’t do much to make her smell clean. A fellow dog walker suggested we try cleaning her with tomato ketchup, so after our most recent visit to Pollock Park I ended up standing under the shower with a foul smelling Beagle and a bottle of Heinz’s best. It worked amazingly well, though I’d recommend spending extra time on the final rinse if you don’t want a trail of red paw prints on the carpet!

When Beanie’s not rolling in fox poo, digging up the garden, leaping onto the kitchen table or humping the nearest human limb, there’s nothing she likes more than shredding a toilet roll. The one good thing about this is that she’s decided that bog roll hunting is best done when the toilet isn’t occupied, so at least you don’t have to go chasing after her with your pants round your ankles. On the other hand, it takes quite a while to clean up after a full roll has been given the Beanie treatment. It’s nothing like the Andrex puppy adverts I can tell you. And if you actually manage to stop the little rascal before she’s made much of a mess, she looks quite indignant!


How come you always know when I’ve been naughty?