Bella and Polly

We finally met up with Bella – one of Beanie’s sisters – at the training class this evening.


Bella and Beanie are both in the same class now so they should be seeing each other on a regular basis – something that may be a source of stress for the instructor, Val. She quickly regretted her decision to get the two sisters up together for an off-lead exercise!

We also ran into a charming Bassett called Polly on a recent park visit. Beagles and Bassetts are supposed to be quite similar in some respects. Certainly Polly has the same persistence as Beanie. When she saw me handing a treat to our pup, she went straight into a beg and held it motionless for what seemed like an age, wearing me down with her soulful eyes:


Needless to say her performance netted her several lumps of cheese.