Play Time With Tessa

Today Beagle Racing wasn’t an option – the club has closed for a few weeks due to an outbreak of kennel cough – so we headed off to the park for a short walk on nice, flat ground. We were still feeling the effects of yesterday’s journey up Ben Lomond, and I think Beanie was too. When we let her off lead she didn’t run around madly as normal, and stuck close to us.. and the treat bag, of course.

All that changed when we ran into a lovable collie cross called Tessa. Susan checked with Tessa’s owner that she was up for a bit of rough Beagle-style play, and when we got the OK we let Beanie off lead again. The two immediately got down to some vigorous play fighting:


Although Tessa was bigger than Beanie, they seemed to be pretty evenly matched and took turns being in the dominant position. Tessa had no problem keeping up with Beanie’s rapid fire direction changes, and after a few minutes Beanie was happy to call a timeout.


They had a couple of treats and went at it again, but yesterday’s exertions – combined with Tessa’s boundless energy – left Beanie feeling thoroughly pooped.


We said our goodbyes and headed back home with very sleepy little Beagle!

2 Replies to “Play Time With Tessa”

  1. Tessa

    I had great fun playing today, hope I didnt tire you out too much. Could you possiby email us some of today’s pictures? xx

  2. Paul Roberts Post author


    Thanks for getting in touch! I’ve emailed a few of the photos at full quality (~ 15MB in total) – please let me know if they don’t make it through to you for any reason!

    Paul, Susan & Beanie

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