The Monkey Is Always Greener On The Other Side

We’ve been hard at work creating a website and facebook page for our new photography business “Creative Photography Ayrshire” (please give the facebook page a “like” if you’re feeling generous). You might think that all this additional online graft would not go down too well with our two furry children, but you’d be wrong. You see I like snacking when I’m working on the computer, and when I’m concentrating really hard I don’t always target my mouth very accurately. Anything that falls on the floor immediately becomes the property of Beanie, and she’s very diligent about collecting her windfalls. Even if she’s tucked up in her bed, apparently fast asleep, you can count on her to come sprinting round to my desk much faster than I can shift my chair and bend down to retrieve the latest fallen morsel. Biggles doesn’t even try to compete with Beanie in this, but then he doesn’t have to; he just wags his tail and catches my eye, knowing that I’ll cave in and throw him a snack of his own just to keep things fair. Being a hopeless catch he sometimes drops it too, causing the Beanie-vacuum cleaner to scramble into action once again. I end up leaving my seat to place the next piece of food directly in Biggles’ mouth, just to make sure he doesn’t miss out. Not very good for sustained concentration, but great for Beagle tummies.

Another side-effect of the work is that I often feel a bit guilty about ignoring them (or at least trying to ignore them) for so many hours at a time, so as compensation they’ve been getting more exciting walks (they didn’t stay grounded from offleaders for long!) and they’ve also got new toys:


Monkey and snake hug each other, perhaps apprehensive about the new and probably rather short lives that lay ahead of them.

This is actually the second time I’ve bought snake and monkey toys; Beanie got a tuggy snake for Christmas (“Snakey” recently expired due to an unfortunate decapitation) and Biggles got a squeaky monkey for his fifth birthday (still intact, but down to one working squeaker from the original eight). There’s a bit of role reversal going on with these new toys though, because this time around it’s the snake that’s squeaky, whereas the monkey is all about texture – he has an empty, replaceable plastic water bottle for a skeleton, and has a soft furry outer skin. Due to Biggles’ preference for noisy toys I figured he should get the snake and that Beanie – who loves killing bottles and plastic containers – would like the monkey, but on their first play session each seemed to want the other’s toy. I had a suspicion that this was down to the old “the grass is always greener” principle, so theĀ  next day, I gave each of them a chance to play with whichever toy they wanted.

Despite some initial interest in the monkey it was the squeaky snake that finally won the Biggly boy’s affections.





Biggles signals his final preference by taking the snake up on to the sofa

Conversely the Beanster was initially attracted to the snake but then quickly grew bored and turned her attention to the monkey.




He’s fallen over dad! Do you think he needs CPR?


I’ll put him in the recovery position and see if that helps!


No response. Trying cardiac massage.


Still no luck. He’s a gonner. I guess I’ll just eat him then :)


Love at first bite!

So it’s looking like I got my initial toy allocations right. It also seems that old adage about the grass always being greener on the other side applies to Beagles as well as humans. And to monkeys as well as grass.

6 Replies to “The Monkey Is Always Greener On The Other Side”

  1. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum

    The usual brilliant pictures and gorgeous beagles Paul – very best of luck with your new photographic venture!

  2. Susan in DE

    Fabulous photos, and very funny narration as usual! I had to laugh at Nurse Beanie, doing everything for the care and comfort of her patient. I don’t think the prognosis was ever good, it never is when your body color has gone blue or green. ;->

  3. Susan in DE

    Wow, Paul, that’s some story! I’m thinking Beanie’s monkey probably made a point of going into a deep meditative state and stopping its heart so it could be “out of body” when it got mauled. :)

  4. Paul Post author

    @Susan: Well monkey’s inner water bottle certainly gets to go out of body – we’re on our third and I’m going to have to buy some more on our next visit to supermarket :)

    The monkey’s turning out to be a huge hit with Beanie, but Biggles still prefers his old, barely squeakable monkey to his new snake. Hard to please, this Biggly boy.

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