Beagles Whip A Whippet

Beagle racing time again! Today’s turnout was small due to a clash with a dog show in Alva, but happily Beanie’s friend Sophie was there, along with two of her pals: a whippet called Rosie and Mac – a Fox Terrier. A cute little Jack Russell called Titch also joined the gang.

Rosie The Whippet

Rosie getting her first taste of racing

Once the whippet racing was over Sophie lined up with Beanie and Murphy for her first ever race. Sophie’s currently suffering from a phantom pregancy (apparently quite common in unspayed bitches) so she wasn’t in her best shape physically. Nevertheless, Beanie apparently felt threatened by the new competition and resorted to dirty tricks to increase her chances of a win. Just as starters orders were being given she unleashed a silent but deadly “bottom cough”. This noxious naughtiness gave rise to some expletives from the officials but once the air had cleared the race got under way.

Murphy finished first, no doubt spurred on by the desire to stay safely upwind of Beanie’s backfiring bum. Sophie finished last, but she ran the full length of the track without any hiccups – more than Beanie managed in her race debut.

Murphy (1st) and Beanie

The final race had all dogs, including the two terriers Mac and Tich, and Rosie the whippet, running together. I think Rosie thought she was out for a gentle stroll, because she was beaten into fourth place by Murphy, Beanie and little Titch.

You saw it here first – a Beagle beating a whippet!