Big Fun, Bigger Fun

We’ve got lots of good news in connection with the big charity fun run that Beanie’s taking part in later this year!

Beanie has only just started looking for sponsors and has already raised a whopping £79.50 for Beagle Welfare! Everyone is being so generous. You can find out more, or sponsor her yourself online here.

It’s looking like there could be a big turn out of Beagles (and other dogs) on race day! Lots of people have said they are interested in taking part. One or two are a little put off by the thought of running 5k, but the race organizers have stressed that “FUN” is the significant part of the term “fun run”, and that they expect large numbers of people to walk.

The organizers have stressed that you don’t need to officially enter your dog. However, if you want an official number, goodie bag and medal for your Beagle then enter him/her as a concession (£5.50). We’ve entered Beanie as “Miss Beanie The-Beagle” :)

If you do enter with your dog, please send us a photo so that Beanie can publish it on her blog!

Millmar Secret Agent (aka Ty) Enters the Edinburgh Race!

As you know, Beanie is taking part in the Glasgow event on the 4th October. The first confirmed Beagle entry that we have for the Edinburgh race on the 5th October is the lovely Millmar Secret Agent (aka Ty). He’s entered with his whole family so it sounds as if it’s going to be a very exciting day for him. Ty is not only an athlete, but also a fine looking dog with success in the show ring.

Ty enters the Edinburgh Race

Ty demonstrating that posh show Beagles are just as naughty as the rest of them!

If you know Ty, don’t forget to sponsor him!

Charity Dog Run News from Across the Pond

You may have noticed that Harvey & Leila from America posted a comment to an earlier post telling us about some 5k and 10k charity races that are organized specifically for dogs and their people. I noticed from the website that they were planning a race in London in 2009 so I dropped them a line for more info. It turns out that the organizer’s family (Paul Gardner) have their roots in Scotland and has always planned to visit, so he’s very keen to organize a race here. He’s currently working hard on races this year in Norwich VT, Salt Lake City UT, and San Francisco CA but will keep us informed of developments for London and Scotland 2009!

Paul sent us this link to some useful resources and tips for running with your dog.