Puppy Time!

Tess’s pups – now around 11 weeks old and fully immunized – had their first trip to the park this morning.


The adventure begins!

That’s Tara on the left (all white tail) and Clara on the right. Bold and full of life, they were both keen to explore and meet the park regulars.


Beanie meets Tara (I think!)

Beanie said hello briefly, but there were three more important things on her mind: “who’s got the treats”, “who can I get a chase with” and of course “who’s got more treats”. Her pal Sophie on the other hand only had eyes for the pups.


OK, Tess, you have a rest – I’ll take care of these two

Well, obviously that’s not entirely true…


Change of plans. You guys are on your own – I’m getting the treats

but she did hang around the pups a lot, clearly playing a protective role. And it was needed, because every couple of minutes Beanie and her chase buddies would plough straight through the gathering baying loudly. Quite a daunting thing for little pups!


But as the pups’ confidence grew, they were happy to wander off into the dense jungle foliage to do some more exploring.



Although they’re still so young, the have very distinct personalities. While one is very bold and always wanting to be in middle of the action, the other watches carefully from the sidelines, planning her next move.


Think first…


…then act!

They’re certainly gorgeous little pups, but I think their owner Louise is going to have her hands full over the next few months! As for Mum Tess, I’ve never seen her happier. She was running, jumping, and even got into a chase with Beanie. What a great morning!

Let’s just hope the weather improves for tommorrow’s Beagle & Whippet Racing Derby Day in Kincardine..