There’s no need to fear – Beanie is here!

Glasgow Dog Training Club is having a Halloween theme in all its classes all this week, and though I’m normally not a big fan of dressing dogs up, I have to admit that Beanie looks very heroic in her Underdog costume.

That was taken just before we left for this evening’s class. I took loads of photos at the actual event – I’ll post ’em up as soon as I’ve had chance to sort through them. But right now, it’s time to relax in front of the telly with our two Beagles. What are we going to watch? Underdog of course!

Update – 30th October 2008

Here’s the rest of the photos from the party.

And Kathleen – these were the winning costumes:

4 Replies to “There’s no need to fear – Beanie is here!”

  1. Susan Westlake

    No Kathleen – she was robbed!

    Although I have to admit the winning costumes were hilarious – I’ll update the post with all the photos from the party, and with the winning costumes. (They looked even funnier in real life) :)

  2. Susan Westlake

    We split into two teams. Humans had to dook for apples; dogs dooked for sausages. First team to finish won.

    Needless to say Beanie got her sausage in about .001 of a millisecond ! :) . Unfortunately I let the side down and took quite a few goes to figure out how to get my apple. It didn’t help that Beanie was trying to assist me :)

    I’m afraid to say we also had another ‘tunnel incident’. Some daft dog left half a sausage trapped in the fabric folds inside the agility tunnel. Beanie was whizzing around the course like a champ until we reached the tunnel. She entered, but mysteriously didn’t emerge from the other side. When we finally coaxed her out we had to make quite a few repairs to the tunnel :)

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