Frost & Tactics

Yesterday’s walk was a little short, so today I got to the park early to let Beanie have a good long play session. It was pretty frosty but I’ll take that over wind and rain any day!

I think the frost must help keep scents close to the ground, because Beanie had a great time sniffing around in the “puppy” field before her regular chums arrived.

Today’s playmate of choice was Robbie the Golden Retriever. Robbie’s a big, fun-loving seven month-old pup but in the past he wasn’t that great a chase partner for Beanie – she likes the challenge of a fast, agile dog. Lately however Robbie’s skills have improved, and he’s developed a style of play that’s the perfect counter to Beanie’s. Beanie relies exclusively on her speed, tremendous stamina and single-minded determination to win the day. Robbie uses the tactical approach. If he has a stick, he’ll keep turning away from Beanie so that she can only grab at the shortest end, and he’ll save his energy for a few well-timed sprints rather than letting Beanie wear him out. That big, handsome head of his has more than air in it, that’s for sure!

Today’s play started off with a somewhat unwieldy stick…

…but eventually they found a more manageable size!

And after the inevitable chases, there was wrestling..

I had a very content little Beagle when I left the park, and when we got home Biggles was waiting – fully charged and desperate for play!

It’s just under three weeks before Biggles gets his first real walk. I can’t wait, and if the sounds of frustration he was making as I carried him around last night are any indication, neither can he!

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