It’s Alive! Alive!

In order to promote their fine work, the folks at the Dog Trick Academy ( have created a spooky 3D dog illusion you can print out and construct yourself:

1) Download the template here:

2) Print it out. Color works best but being a stingy Yorkshire git I just printed mine in black and white and as you’ll soon see, it worked perfectly well.

3) Cut out the dog shape and carefully follow the instructions in the template to construct it. Just remember that a lot of the folds involve folding printed side to printed side, which is sometimes counter-intuitive.

4) To view the illusion, close one eye, hold the dog at eye level and rotate it from side to side. For some reason, placing the dog behind a sheet of glass also activates the illusion.

So, here’s the finished article (you’ll notice I also used a sliver of sticky tape to hold the head section together)…

And here is the illusion captured on film. Watch it.. if you dare..