Beagle Racing

Flyball wasn’t on this Sunday so it was an easy decision to take Beanie and Biggles racing. It was a warm day, so a great opportunity to show off their trendy new cooling jackets:


I think Paul’s secretly missing seeing his little girl winning the official races, but there’s no doubt that Beanie and Biggles find their little private races much more enjoyable and rewarding. There’s no risk of having to fend of an aggressive or unruly dog, and we can give Biggles a head start so that every race ends up as a thrilling neck and neck battle at the finish line.

We headed up to Kincardine Bridge nice and early so that they could have some private races while Scooby was testing the lure. In their first race we gave Biggles a 15 yard head start fully expecting Beanie to overtake him. In actual fact he beat her by a good 2 yards. It gave him a huge confidence boost and made things really interesting for Beanie in the next race.

Biggles winning a race and looking like he’s wearing a muscle suit!

This time Beanie overtakes Biggles despite a 9 yard head start

Biggles really digs in and trys to catch her

Currently Beanie’s beating Biggles by about 12 yards over a 160 yard course. But he’s really starting to gain confidence now so I think we’ll see him closing the gap over the coming weeks.

While the Whippet and Beagle racing got underway we created a secure enclosure and set up our portable agility equipment. We then spent the afternoon having short strolls with the dogs and having short little agility, obedience and trick training practice sessions.


Beanie in action:





And Biggles having a little try:


In return for use of the field we let anyone that’s interested have a go on the agility course. It’s an arangement that suits everyone. Here’s Murphy in action:


When the Beagle and Whippet racing finished up Beanie and Biggles were watching the track intently so we gave them one last race – their best of the day!

IMG_2706 Small

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