Back to School

Beanie & Biggles’ obedience classes started back up again this week. We don’t want them in the same class as they need plenty of opportunities to develop their independence and to individually build their relationship with us. We’re going to try taking them alternate weeks. It was Beanie’s turn last night.

Her heelwork was perfect – onlead, offlead, fast pace, slow…it made no difference. Beanie trotted along beside me like a little dressage pony with her eyes glued to me the whole time. She didn’t even sniff the floor. And all this without treats!



Her sit-stay, down-stay were perfect. At one point we put all the dogs in a down-stay and the owners left the room. One of the dogs caused a bit of an upset and all the dogs got to their feet….except Beanie. I’d told her to stay so she refused to budge even when a dozen dogs were running around her.





Her only weakness was her stand-wait. Beanie can’t even stand on command. So something for us to work on!

We finished up with some ‘leave’ training and Paul caught a bit on camera: