Flyball Beagles

Beanie and Biggles had their weekly flyball lesson this evening and were joined by Beagle buddies Tess, Clara and Tara. There’s only one Beagle registered with the Brittish Flyball Association so there aren’t many Beagles in the sport. Well, we’ve now got a whole team of them – and a reserve!

Here’s a clip of Beanie and Biggles in action:

And Tess, Clara and Tara doing exceptionally well considering it’s their very first lesson:

Beanie and Biggles are entering their first flyball competition this weekend. It’s a pairs competition in Dundee. We’ve still to think up their team name, but we have already got them kitted out with colour co-ordinated team harnesses and cooling jackets. It should be good fun!

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  1. Rebekah Watkins

    It’s so great to see a group of Beagles engaged in an activity like this. I’m sure lots of people will say that Beagles have no interest in balls at all and that’s just not true but even so, I’m really impressed with this. Maybe there’s hope to convince everyone at home to let me have another Beagle!

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