11 on the gross-o-meter

Last week was one long, disgusting Beagle gross-out.

Biggles kicked things off by vomiting a pile of partially digested poo on our hall carpet. Known by more experienced Beagle owners as sh*tvom, this putrescent powerhouse took nearly half a bottle of “Wash and get off” to remove. Later the same day, Beanie decided to take a dump right in the middle of her heelwork-to-music class.

Mid-week, a pile of dirty washing was raided and a pair of pants was subsequently found to be lacking a crotch.

As the week drew to a close, Biggles nabbed a bag of donuts intended for the guys working on our garden. He managed to consume two of them (and by consume I mean basically swallow whole, one after the other) while Beanie got one. There’s no denying that two young Beagles can be a handful at times, but two young Beagles on a sugar high is something else! In a desperate bid to keep our house and our sanity intact, I bundled them into the car and drove off to the beach, hoping that a long walk would burn the sugar off.

When I got there I decided against walking on the beach itself, because the sea washes in a lot of junk and in their hyper state Beanie & Biggles would have grabbed and eaten just about anything. Instead I took them along the grassy embankment that borders the beach. At first it seemed like I’d made the right decision; all I had to contend with up there was frenzied lead tangling and the occasional attempt to roll in something nasty. Then I saw Beanie’s head all but disappear down a hole, while her bum stuck straight up in the air. When she emerged, she’d got something – there seemed to be some string dangling from the corner of her mouth. I opened her mouth, tugged on the string and became the not-so-proud owner of a used tampon. Lovely. Suddenly the sh*tvom didn’t seem so bad.

Once I’d got over the shock I attempted to hurl my unwanted catch into the bushes, but the wind caught it and carried it to within a couple of feet of where Biggles was. Ordinarily Biggles is pretty slow to react to something landing near him, or even on him, but sugar-powered Biggles was much sharper and he pounced on the tampon immediately. I got a firm hold of him, opened his mouth and just managed to grab the tail end of the string before the whole package headed south to join the donuts. I washed my hands pretty thoroughly after that walk, I can tell you.

Happily things went more smoothly over the weekend. Bundy joined us at flyball and did amazingly well, as you’ll see from the photos and video clips below. Just one more Beagle and the Lomond Flyball Club could have the UK’s first all-Beagle flyball team. It wouldn’t win any prizes, but it would certainly be entertaining to watch!

Bundy’s first ever flyball run

A couple of runs later and she’s got it!

Biggles’ steering was a bit wonky last week

This week, he’s like a harassed shopper; gets all the way to the store then forgets what he came for

Beanie has trouble when the ball gets stuck in the box

But a couple of rounds later she’s flying!

Some of the pics. First Beanie in full flight:










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