Poopwork to Music

It was Beanie’s turn to go to heelwork to music class this week.

“Oh, she’s so sweet”, “So cute” and “Isn’t she gorgeous” gushed the other dog owners and our teacher Heather. I have to admit to feeling a tiny bit proud of her…….until she squatted down and did the biggest dump you’ve ever seen in the middle of the floor! No warning. Not even an interruption to her little dance routine. Just weave, weave, twist, circle, dump, turn, twist and “gimme my treat”.

Pride comes before a fall!

6 Replies to “Poopwork to Music”

  1. Zak the Doodle

    He He,

    Hello my hairy pals and Paul and Susan, long time no see.

    Beagle embarassment isn’t just confined to you two, Ben the Beagle has so far managed to pee up a leg four times in the park, including twice up mum’s leg and once up dad’s.

  2. Zak the Doodle

    There have been a few new beagle pups in the park recently Ben, George and Jess(ie) are the ones we can remember.

    We also met Bundy a few months ago in the park.

    Robbie hasn’t been seen so often recently, but his score was still in the early teens when he came up a few weeks ago.

    Amber still manages to get in a few doodle chases with the rest of the gang, so there are still plenty of potential collisions to watch out for.

  3. Tess, Tara and Clara

    This made me laugh – only problem is was in the middle of work with no-one sitting near me and I laughed out loud – they probably think I’m going mad!

  4. Sara

    He he.

    Murphy did exactly the same during a recall at obedience class. It wasn’t ’til I recalled him, that I noticed he’d left a ‘dog egg’ behind, on the floor.

    He also loves a quick widdle against the checkout whenever we visit Pets at Home.

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