Sunday – Fun Day (Part 3)

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This was it – the Derby final. The four competitors were Beanie, Inca, Milo and Murphy, wearing black, red, white and blue respectively. The light was fading fast as everyone prepared for this last race. It had been a long day – we’d set off at 8:30 in the morning and it was now after 6 – but it would all be over in a matter of seconds.

The four dogs got away cleanly and charged down the track. Beanie, Milo and Murphy quickly opened up a big lead on Inca. As they approached the finish Murphy was edging ahead of Milo, but Beanie was right up there with them.


At the line it was Murphy, followed by Milo, but our little girl finished a close third!


What a result! Her first ever race had been back in May, and she hadn’t understood all this nonsense about chasing the lure. She only made it past the finish line because Susan ran with her. Now she’d taken on a lot of older, more experienced dogs and got third place in the final. At the finish I called her over and gave her a lump of chicken from my stash, intending to stuff the rest back in my pocket while I attached her lead and put the camera away. I was all fingers and thumbs from the excitement, and the little rascal snatched the bag from my hand and tore it open. “Fair enough” I thought, “you’ve earned it!”

Carol –  Murphy’s owner – took her boy’s superb victory very calmly. Yeah, right!


The bubbly was opened in double-quick time, and we all got a taste!


…but wait, what’s that below Murphy’s tummy? Naughty boy!

Everyone gathered for the presentations. The Derby winners were getting more than just a rosette for their dog’s efforts:




As for Beanie, well she did just get a rosette.


But just wait till next year!

There are many more photos of the Fun Day – you can see them in the slideshow below, or you can see and download bigger, better quality versions of the photos on Flickr – just click here. If you see a photo you like, click on it and press “All Sizes” to choose the size you want.

7 Replies to “Sunday – Fun Day (Part 3)”

  1. Susan Westlake

    I’m not sure if I’ve got the details correct, but I think Paul missed one important detail – Milo not only came a VERY close second in the racing, but also did well in the shows. I know he won something and got placed in another category – not sure which. I’m sure someone will fill us in on the details.

    But it’s good to see a dog doing well in both shows and racing. Handsome AND fast! (And a veteran too!)

  2. Kathleen Macdonald

    Thanks for the brill photos and after race report Paul you would be a great sports journalist,and congratulations to all the finalists Murphy Milo Beanie and Inca well done all!! What a great racing aftenoon.I think I’ll have to go out and buy one of those tow ropes to stop Breac breaking free!(although I’m sure I saw Susan getting Beanie to gnaw through Breac’s lead to scupper my boy’s chances!!!!)

  3. Susan Westlake

    Beanie’s claiming the fifth amendment! I however am willing to admit that I was cheering Breac on and willing him to run faster (I mean during BOTH of his false starts obviously! :) )

    I’d like to see a little fun race with Breac, Beanie, Milo, Murphy and Sam racing against each other. Just out of curiosity. Breac is still an unknown quantity!! Maybe next week if there’s time?

    Do dogs dominate, or is it just that it happens to be the case in the club at the moment? How old is Breac? I’m just thinking that Beanie and Breac are both young and VERY into racing. I’m curious to see whether a little bitch can hold her own against fast, determined young males.

    Or failing that, how about getting Breac and Beanie down to Irvine beach for a play session?

  4. Kathleen Macdonald

    Breac was two on April 23rd so still a young boy. We do intend on getting them all a lot fitter and once I have these kennels and the house organised we will have a lot more quality time to spend with them! Did you ask Maggie if the female whippets dominate the races it would be interesting to know? I think a trip to Irvine beach would be great for Breac and Beanie – go the B’s(hopefully Biggles will live up to his name and fly like the wind down that race track!)

  5. paul hutchison

    loving the photos great day .to answer the question about milo ,he got 2nd in racing beagle ,2nd in pet show and a 1st in the veteran class he ‘s got a bad habit of being 2nd.well done murphy!!!

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