IMG_3054 - J'Accuse!

Uh-oh, I’m in trouble now!

There is no Book of Beagle Law as such because:

  1. Beagles can’t write
  2. The laws seem to be very fluid, changing from day to day (and from Beagle to Beagle)

Nevertheless one law that has remained consistent for the last couple of days concerns the consumption of Tesco monkey nuts at one’s desk. As far as I can tell, the law goes something like this: “If you’ve got monkey nuts on your desk and a Beagle hears you opening and munching them, you must surrender them immediately to the aforementioned Beagle”. Clearly I broke the law, and Beanie wasn’t happy about it. I got the hard stare treatment from under my desk (see above) and when that didn’t work, I got a severe woofing.


The Bigglet isn’t nearly so demanding. Once I’ve made it clear that a particular food is mine, he loses interest and settles down for a nap.