Glasgow Vet School Hospital

We just got a very nice email from the folks at the Glasgow Vet School wishing little Beanie all the best. I guess they came across the blog somehow!

We ended up taking Beanie to the Vet School hospital because it was the only place we knew of that had the facilities do an endoscopy. If Beanie hadn’t done such a thorough job of swallowing all that plastic stuff, there’s a good chance the endoscope might have been able to extract it without the need for surgery.

The Vet School’s trying to raise funds for a new state of the art building to enable them to offer even more sophisticated treatments to their furry patients. We’re going to send in a little donation – they certainly took great care of our little girl and it’s fantastic to have such top notch facilities within easy reach.

Anyone else interested in helping their fund raising efforts can get details here:

And there’s a brochure about the new facilities that you can download here.