Dog Boarding & Walking – A Real Home from Home

We’ve met up quite a lot recently with Beanie and Biggles buddies Cullen & Jamie from Obedience classes and Swimming. And always they have a whole gang of fun buddies with them. We bumped into them at the vet show rodeo on Saturday and finally got an explanation for Cullen & Jamie’s abundance of pals.

It turns out that mum Karen runs a dog walking and boarding business. And of course, any lucky dogs that come to stay with Cullen and Jamie get to share in all the fun outings, activities and pampering – here they are at the vet school rodeo shortly after excitedly opening their prizes from the doggy lucky dip!


Karen’s business is called Mukky Paws and her website is

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  1. Karen

    Hi Susan and Paul. Thanks for the brillian picture and mention. That’s the first I have seen a photo of myself that I don’t mind in a long time!!! Excellent photography skills. Loving your website :)

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