Arse Surfing

Our Beagley adventures in the mountains have been brought to a virtual halt in the past month or so due to the limited daylight hours. We’ve taken the opportunity to prepare for an action packed spring and summer of hiking and running in the mountains. Paul and I have joined a running club to help us build up our fitness. We’ve entered some cross country races, 10ks and have even started doing hill races. The pups have been running regularly along local trails, on the beach and cross country as well as some lure coursing and off-lead running. But perhaps most importantly we’ve been working hard on stopping the pups from pulling so much….especially when we’re running downhill!

In the last week we’ve had a couple of nice days so we took the opportunity to test out our Beagle calming measures in the hills. Sadly, when the fresh air hit their noses all the training went out the window and we spent most of our time arse-surfing on the downhill stretches:


I think we may have to accept this aspect of our little monkeys’ behaviour!

Our first hill walk of 2012 took place in the hills around Straiton – a small, picturesque village set amongst beautiful countryside. Our walk started in the village and climbed up the hill to the monument that you can see on top of the hill in this picture:

IMG_4324 Merged

Sheltering from the bitterly cold wind behind the monument

Looking back towards Straiton from the monument

IMG_4353 Merged

From the monument we headed across the moors for a while…


…before arse-surfing down the hill behind our excited, baying Beagles.

The walk continued along the river for a while before crossing a little bridge:

IMG_4500 Blended

Of course, Beanie and Biggles had to climb up to have a good look:


We continued along a pretty trail for a while with plenty of obsticals to keep the Beags entertained..


…then another steep ascent up through forest trails to a viewpoint on another hill before making our way back to Straiton for icecream and sardine flavoured bones. We’ll definitely be doing this walk again – probably running it next time!

The forecast for today had been excellent – blue skies, sunshine and superb visibility. We’ve had a few hard runs this week so we decided upon a relatively easy hill walk with fabulous views Beinn Dubh – Glen Striddle horseshoe, Luss. Unfortunately the forecast couldn’t have been more wrong. All we saw during the entire walk was dense, gray fog! It was still a fabulous walk – one that we’re really looking forward to both running and walking in better weather. The downhill section was very wet today – almost like a water chute. After slipping and falling umpteen times (with the help of our little angels) we eventually gave up and let them hurtle down the hill dragging us behind them on our bums! T’was fun….and very cold and wet!

It wasn’t really the weather for photos but Paul did haul out the camera for a snap of us on the summit of Beinn Dubh

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