Beagle Hill

Both Susan and I were in need of an uplifting couple of hours with Beanie at the park this morning, but as we entered the so-called “puppy field” at the lower end, it looked deserted. Then we caught sight of the infamous Labradoodle duo Zack and Amber. Beanie gets along brilliantly with Amber – she’s playful and very fast, so I figured Beanie would at least get plenty of good quality chases. I wasn’t wrong!

Before long another Doodle called Lola charged onto the scene and immediately joined in the fun:

And it just kept getting better and better. Tess and her pups Tara and Clara arrived, quickly followed by Beanie’s sister Bella.

Clara, Tara and Bella

I was amazed at how much the pups had grown in the two weeks since I’d last seen them. Their confidence had grown too – they were totally at home with the other, much bigger dogs and even gave Beanie a chase!

And as for Tess, well just take a look! I’ve never seen her so full of energy!

Bella also seemed much happier and more playful than last time. She made a beeline for Beanie when she arrived and the two set off on a mad dash round the field:

Beanie and Bella

Beanie is still a lot faster than her sister but Bella is catching up. With any luck she’ll put in an appearance at the Beagle Racing. It’d be quite something to see the two of them chasing the lure down the track! There’d be a lot of pressure on Beanie to win of course. In fact I think Beanie already feels a little threatened by her new, high speed, high energy sister. What makes me think that? Well, how about a few attempted humpings for a start:

A perfect demonstration of lateral head-humping. And she keeps hold of the ball too!

Robbie the retriever – now fully recovered from his previous exposure to the Beanie Chase Workout – also joined in the fun:

He seems fitter and faster too, but not quite fast enough to bite Beanie’s bum:

In a brief moment of non-chasing, the two sisters spotted another Beagle heading their way: Baxter.

Baxter’s a very handsome, well behaved boy. He knows that you don’t get a treat unless you sit patiently. I just wish Beanie would follow his lead:

How to do it (Baxter), and how not to do it (Beanie)

So, that was six Beagles together in the park. Almost enough for a small hunting pack!

The retriever community was quite well represented too, though:

You splash me..

I’ll splash you right back!

But as Tess’s mum Louise said, with so many Beagles romping up and down the field, maybe they should call it Beagle Hill!

[NOTE: I’ve put these photos and few others up on Flickr – just click here to see the full set!]

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  1. Kathleen Macdonald(Mochuisle Beagles)

    Looks like a great time was had by all this morning, and the photos are fab what a camera! I thought your last camera was good, but look at every blade of grass visible on these ones.Will need to get you to take some of my pack for our website Paul,if you don’t mind! We’ve decided not to go to beagle racing tomorrow, but instead to go to Irvine beach for a change, and that way the dogs get more of a run about and less time travelling in the car!

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