It was a white Christmas, then it wasn’t.


Our regular “parkrun” in Glasgow celebrated its 100th run and second anniversary this weekend, and was expected to have a really high turnout – not the most ideal conditions for running with dogs. We went along anyway – not to take part, but so that I could get some photos of the run and the two Bs could get a walk in one of their favorite old parks. As it turned out, a particularly heavy fall of the white stuff cut the number of participants down to below even the normal weekly level..


The run begins..


And the leaders head off on the first of three one-mile laps round a huge snow-covered field

As the tail of the pack went past me, I noticed three familiar figures tagging on at the end..


Despite being dressed more for an arctic expedition than a run, one of the marshals and two eager little Beagles had managed to talk Susan into joining the run. She only did one lap as heavy duty walking boots aren’t the best footwear for a 5K, but it was still appreciated by Beanie and Biggles; they got the rare chance to run as a single team rather than separately. And they loved it!


As we headed back home we planned to celebrate an anniversary of our own. It was exactly one year ago that we moved house and began our new life in Ayrshire – something worth marking with some Christmas cheer, and all the more fitting given all the snow on the ground. However when we got home, the snow had all but gone. Our area had only received a light dusting at best, and a short burst of above freezing temperatures had dispatched the last of it.

Still, the lack of snow didn’t get in the way of our decorations. The presence of our Beagles did get in the way of course – repeatedly – even though they both insisted that they were there to help.


Beanie’s chewing the tree, and Biggles has already been exiled for doing the same


Baubles! I can definitely help with them Mum!


Biggles seems hurt that we don’t want his “help”


And Beanie’s gone off to the other side of the room in a huff!


The sad life of the unappreciated Beagle

Our trees eventually went up..




..but I’m doubtful about how long they’ll stay up. This one in particular could be taking a fall before long:


The red “tablecloth” round that tree looks so tempting…

When it does, Biggles will be the chief suspect. The reason is that Biggles fancies himself as a magician. On several occasions he’s successfully made freshly baked peanut butter cookies disappear, and has even magicked away a loaf of bread. Now, he’s trying to master the tablecloth trick. His version of this entertaining classic comes with a twist though; where run-of-the-mill magicians merely withdraw the tablecloth leaving everything else intact, Biggles prefers to dump everything on the floor then chew as much of it as possible, aided by his glamorous assistant Beanie.

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