Weekly 5k Timed Races in Pollock Park

Beanie & Biggles’ swimming buddy Cullin likes to do a bit of running with his mum. I had emailed her to let her know that we’d got some reasonably priced cani-cross equipment and she replied to tell us about a regular race venue right on our doorstep.

There’s a weekly 5k (3 miles) timed race held in Pollock Park every Saturday morning at 9.30am. And the best bit – dogs are welcome provided they are on lead! It’s free to enter – just register on the website. You don’t need to be a good runner – no reason why you can’t walk the course (the Biggly boy and his mum will be). It’s just you against the clock.

More info here

Do any of Beanie and Biggles buddies fancy joining us? Especially their fellow Beagles! Kathleen – what about Neil and some of your gang?


Kathleen from Muchisle Beagles asked where we got the cani-cross equipment. They sell kits here, but they don’t do harnesses small enough for Beagles (not small enough for ours anyway). Also, we were warned by an experienced cani-crosser not to get the x-back harness for beagles. The reason being is that they are really designed for sled dogs pulling a sled as it directs the forces along the dogs back. It’s great for running with large dogs but with little dogs the line pulls the harness upwards and puts the strain in all the wrong places.

We each got:

A delux belt with key pouch
A Bungee
A single line

The bungee attaches to the belt, and the single line attaches to the bungee. There’s an emergency release clip so you can separate yourself from the dog quickly. We weren’t keen on this as it looked as if it could be released by accident. Fair enough for a big dog with reliable recall but I think on balance you’re best having your Beagle firmly attached! So we also purchased a carabiner to replace the clip.

We also got a double line so that we could have both dogs running with one person. You could manage this with two single lines, but it gives the dogs more scope to run off in opposite directions!!

We were told that the fleece harness from here are better than the cani-cross ones because they are completely fleece lined so much more comfy for short haired dogs. Ours are very happy to wear them.

Beagle Bagels

Biggles post-neutering scar is healing very well, and it won’t be long before he’s back to full fitness. Until then, we must continue with the constant struggle to keep him and Beanie sufficiently occupied so that there’s no illegal licking of wounds and no rough and tumble. To that end, here’s our latest find – two huge, bagel-like chews from our local pet shop.


An initial display of excitement from Beanie is quickly followed by suspicion. Is this giant bagel kosher?


But a couple of exploratory nibbles later, and it’s chew time!


As for Biggles, he got straight down to business the second he got his paws on it!

Biggles is now almost a match for Beanie when it comes to chewing. When he was younger we had the problem that she’d finish a treat in five minutes while he’d still be soldiering on a quarter of an hour later – a sure recipe for trouble. It’s no good when one Beagle is left with a full tummy and nothing to chew while the other one is still gnawing away!

These bagels have given us a different problem. It’s fine to let our pups chew away on them for a while, but eventually they have to be taken up and shelved for another day. Given Beanie’s recent reaction to attempts to take something off her in the park (i.e. speed-swallow the whole thing) we don’t really want to take things off her in the house without replacing them with something of equal or higher value. Equally, Biggles often gets a bit growly when asked to give something up and all the advice we’ve been given warns against confronting him. Again, bartering is the way to go. Up to now a Pedigree Dentastick has usually been a good enough trade for most things, including teatowels and semi-clean socks (smelly socks are on a whole different level, but that’s a story for another day). Unfortunately these bagel chews appear to be painfully close in value to Dentastix.

When I went out to the kitchen to raid the Dentastix box, Biggles started to follow, got as far as the kitchen entrance, then had to dart back into the living room to answer the bagel’s siren call. A couple of seconds later he was back.. almost.. then again he sprinted away. This sequence looked like it might carry on for some time. Every time I crinkled the sticks’ foil wrapper there’d be a mad scramble of paws and claws as he ran up the hall, then a split-second of indecision, and he’d be off again. It was such an effective form of exercise I began to wonder if it might be a viable alternative to the park on bad weather days.

Eventually the cycle was broken by Susan, who came to my aid by making a big enough fuss over the dental chews to tear both Beanie and Biggles away from their bagels for a couple of minutes. When our two duped Beagles returned to the living room, the bagel fairies had whisked them away.

Beanie Raises £114.50 for Beagle Welfare

Today was the day of Beanie’s Big 5K Fun Run to raise money for Beagle Welfare.

The weather was awful! Howling winds, torrential rain and wet, slippy leaves under foot. So we set out equipped with heavy waterproof jackets and a rucksack with towels etc. Paul & I both have chronic injuries right now, so despite all the big talk a couple of months ago about doing the race in under 25 minutes we decided that it might be more sensible for us to walk the course.

Despite the atrocious conditions there was a good turn out. At the start line we met Monty the Beagle who was also running for Beagle welfare with his very fit looking mum who was all kitted out in her running gear.

Monty the Beagle and his mum run for Beagle Welfare

Beanie was impressed….and I couldn’t help but think she looked somewhat disappointed in her very unfit looking mum! As the pre-race warm up started Beanie got so exited, and of course, EVERYONE stopped to say hello to Beanie. She just loves being amongst crowds of people.

What a lovely day for a race

It was such a great atmosphere that at some mad point during the warm up Paul and I decided that we couldn’t let Beanie down – we had to run the entire course.

Our pace wasn’t really a run for Beanie – more of a brisk walk. We could tell that she’d much rather have sprinted along with the fastest runners. But she was SO good. She trotted along beside us on a short lead without any naughtiness at all. And she just loved all the applause and support from passers by!

Paul & I finally limped along the home straight, dragged behind a fresh and full-of-beans Beanie who just couldn’t resist sprinting for the Finish line when she saw everyone cheering for her. We finished in a time that couldn’t have been far short of 40 minutes! So not quite up to the standard of Beanie’s 27 minute East End 5k a few months ago. But we had a fantastic morning together.

Beanie completes her 2nd 5k Road Race

In total Beanie raised £114.50 for Beagle Welfare thanks to the support and sponsorship of:

  • Kathleen McDonald (Mochuisle Beagles)
  • Hazel McFarlane (Sophie the Beagle’s mum)
  • Louise Mcallister (Tess, Tara & Clara the Beagles’ mum)
  • Gillian Bickerstaff (Bailey the Beagle’s mum)
  • Liz Calikes (Newlin Beagles – Beanie’s Breeder)
  • Maggie Hendrie (Caledonean Thistle Pedigree Whippet Racing Club)
  • Paul Worthy Gardner (Organiser of the Dog Run Dog races in the USA)
  • Geraldine, Mano and Zeeshar from our local gym (Venice Physique)
  • Doog and Kate Rowand
  • Graeme McLaren
  • Kenny Taylor
  • Sean McGarrity
  • Math and Angel
  • Richard Westlake
  • Eileen Roberts

A huge thank you to all of you !!