Beanie Raises £114.50 for Beagle Welfare

Today was the day of Beanie’s Big 5K Fun Run to raise money for Beagle Welfare.

The weather was awful! Howling winds, torrential rain and wet, slippy leaves under foot. So we set out equipped with heavy waterproof jackets and a rucksack with towels etc. Paul & I both have chronic injuries right now, so despite all the big talk a couple of months ago about doing the race in under 25 minutes we decided that it might be more sensible for us to walk the course.

Despite the atrocious conditions there was a good turn out. At the start line we met Monty the Beagle who was also running for Beagle welfare with his very fit looking mum who was all kitted out in her running gear.

Monty the Beagle and his mum run for Beagle Welfare

Beanie was impressed….and I couldn’t help but think she looked somewhat disappointed in her very unfit looking mum! As the pre-race warm up started Beanie got so exited, and of course, EVERYONE stopped to say hello to Beanie. She just loves being amongst crowds of people.

What a lovely day for a race

It was such a great atmosphere that at some mad point during the warm up Paul and I decided that we couldn’t let Beanie down – we had to run the entire course.

Our pace wasn’t really a run for Beanie – more of a brisk walk. We could tell that she’d much rather have sprinted along with the fastest runners. But she was SO good. She trotted along beside us on a short lead without any naughtiness at all. And she just loved all the applause and support from passers by!

Paul & I finally limped along the home straight, dragged behind a fresh and full-of-beans Beanie who just couldn’t resist sprinting for the Finish line when she saw everyone cheering for her. We finished in a time that couldn’t have been far short of 40 minutes! So not quite up to the standard of Beanie’s 27 minute East End 5k a few months ago. But we had a fantastic morning together.

Beanie completes her 2nd 5k Road Race

In total Beanie raised £114.50 for Beagle Welfare thanks to the support and sponsorship of:

  • Kathleen McDonald (Mochuisle Beagles)
  • Hazel McFarlane (Sophie the Beagle’s mum)
  • Louise Mcallister (Tess, Tara & Clara the Beagles’ mum)
  • Gillian Bickerstaff (Bailey the Beagle’s mum)
  • Liz Calikes (Newlin Beagles – Beanie’s Breeder)
  • Maggie Hendrie (Caledonean Thistle Pedigree Whippet Racing Club)
  • Paul Worthy Gardner (Organiser of the Dog Run Dog races in the USA)
  • Geraldine, Mano and Zeeshar from our local gym (Venice Physique)
  • Doog and Kate Rowand
  • Graeme McLaren
  • Kenny Taylor
  • Sean McGarrity
  • Math and Angel
  • Richard Westlake
  • Eileen Roberts

A huge thank you to all of you !!