L-L-L-Let’s Get Ready To RUMBLE!

Although she’s young (around 4 months) and still quite small, Beanie has a very strong personality and regularly gets the better of other dogs. For example, not long after we got Beanie we took her round to a friend’s house to meet their dog Sophie. Sophie’s a medium sized, adult mongrel with a lovely nature and plenty of confidence when in her own territory. However, within two minutes our little madam had claimed Sophie’s bed as her own and chewed a hole in it.

But it’s not easy being top dog. Everyone’s after your title and sooner or later some cocky young punk is going to catch you with a lucky shot. And that’s exactly what happened at the park today. We met up with a Spaniel cross pup called Ruby, and after the usual pre-fight negotiations and weigh-in, the action started. Since Sky Sports own the TV rights to the fight, I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with my blow-by-blow account and some ringside stills.

In the first round, there was lots of eye contact, with each fighter trying to psyche out her opponent.


The second round saw some superb head shots from the reigning champ. Check out this stunning left hook:


In the third round, things got messy. Unlike the the pampered champ, Ruby didn’t have a pedigree. She’d come up from the streets and wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty to get the win. When the opportunity presented itself, she snook in a “Tyson” special


The ref quickly stopped the round and ordered both fighters back to their corners for treats (cheese and pieces of apple in this case). However, Beanie never seemed to recover and in round four she was on the receiving end of some punishing blows:


Eventually, the red furred upstart landed the finishing blow and Beanie lost her crown by TKO:


Just in case you’re thinking the ear-biting incident looked a bit vicious, don’t worry! Both pups had a whale of a time playing with each other, and we headed back to the car assuming that we’d have a nice quiet afternoon while our ex-champ got her beauty sleep. How wrong we were, because Beanie was still full of beans. She saw an older dog running with a stick and decided that it should be hers. After several laps of the course, it was!

By the time we finally left the park, we had a very muddy pup!