Well it’s monsoon season again – otherwise known as Summer in Scotland – but in between the showers there has been the odd dry, even sunny, period. We got very lucky a few nights ago when we drove out to Portencross, a tiny village on the Ayrshire coastal path.

Portencross Anglers [IMG_4645]

This was our first visit but it’s already high on Beanie & Biggles’ list of favorite places. Biggles likes it because he managed fish out a couple of tiny crabs from rock pools as we walked to the old pier. Crunchy, salty and wriggly, just the way he likes ’em! As for Beanie, well she managed to get her chewing gear round a whole dead raven . It went in head-first and by the time I spotted it only the tail feathers and feet were still protruding from her mouth. It certainly wasn’t her cutest look! I’m just glad I didn’t have to the corpse from her teeth with my bare fingers – I managed to yank her away from it when she dropped it briefly to re-align her grip. After this disgusting start the evening could only improve, and so it did. Soon Beanie & Biggles were bounding through tall grass and scrambling over rocks as we followed the coastal trail.



When we returned to the pier they sat surprisingly quietly and patiently while I took photos of the sunset..

Portencross Anglers [IMG_4678_Merged]

Don’t be deceived by the following outwardly romantic shot though. While some Beagles love nothing more than to cosy up together, Beanie prefers her own company and would much rather play-fight with Biggles than snuggle up to him. She is however willing to compromise her principles for a biscuit or two..

Beagle Sunset [IMG_4734-Edit]