Wrap Rage!

Ever ordered something online and ended up wrestling with the packaging when it arrives? It can be hard enough for humans armed with a knife or a pair of scissors, but imagine how frustrating it can get if you’re lacking opposable digits and only have your mouth to work with? And to make things worse, what if your sniffing gear informs you that there’s something tasty hidden deep inside all the shrink-wrap and cardboard?


The Beagle Customs officer on duty decides that this package warrants closer inspection..


..but with not one but two layers of shrink-wrap to get through, it’s tough work


Frustration mounts but this customs officer isn’t about to give up! Just look at the determination!


Finally she’s through the shrink wrap, and now only the cardboard box stands in her way


Almost there..

On second thoughts maybe it’s the human that should be pitied; a sharp knife and a pair thumbs seems to be a poor substitute for a good set of gnashers and Beagle single-mindedness. I decided to stop this particular unwrapping frenzy just as Beanie tore the corner off the cardboard box. I wasn’t too worried about damage to the contents so much as rapid consumption of it, because what the box contained was very much a Beagle thing: 4kg of tasty Sea Jerky Squares from Fish4Dogs, bought during their two-for-one promotion.


I wonder how long it would have taken Beanie to chomp her way through the whole lot if I hadn’t rescued it?