Swimming without a life jacket!

Beanie had another swimming lesson yesterday and this time swam without a life jacket! She actually does much better without it. She’s a superb little swimmer now, and we’re confident that by the end of her course she’ll be swimming regularly in the local rivers, ponds and sea.

We met Sophie there again, and she’s reached the end of her first 10 week course so went to get all her vital statistics taken again. Sophie mainly started swimming lessons to get her back into shape after her phantom pregnancy. The measurements show she’s lost quite a bit off her waistline and put on a significant amount of bulk in all the right places!

Beanie has certainly built lots of lovely muscle over the past few weeks, although because she’s a devloping pup it’s not clear how much of that is down to the swimming. But I’m told that typically in a 10 week course dogs do build measurable muscle. Beanie certainly got loads of compliments from the vetenary nurses about her lean, muscular build! And I have to say we agree with them – she looks fabulous!

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  1. Amber-Mae

    Hi there Beannie! Nice to meet ya & welcome to Dogs With Blogs!!! Those are some pawsome pictures there. I bet you had a great time at the seaside with your friend! Do drop by my bloggie some time okay & let’s be friends too!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

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