I’m a chicken in a pink bikini – get me out of here!

Squeaky toys have had a bad time in the park lately. Beanie’s chewed a few to destruction, and so has her Labradoodle pal Amber. Yesterday however a new species of toy was spotted in the park – the rare and shockingly expensive double-bladdered chicken. It was a big hit with Zak, who despite his size is surprisingly gentle with toys.

The double-lining is supposed to make it more resilient to power-chewers, and it was certainly put to the test when Amber got hold of it!

Once the obligatory chasing was done…

…Beanie also got in on the tugging action, but she didn’t get a chance to run off with the toy for a serious one-on-one chewathon. Perhaps that’s the real reason the chicken was still able to squeak as it left the park.

Beanie’s little brother Biggles is going to have some serious fun of his own tonight. Now that he’s fully vaccinated, he can go to his very first puppy training class. The class is more about socialisation than training, so he’s going to be meeting lots of other youngsters in a safe, clean environment. Well.. it’ll start off clean, but I suspect our excitable little boy will leave his mark on the floor before the night is over!

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  1. Kirby

    My mum said my chicken looks good in the photos, but she said I looked like a horse in the chase. I might take my rooster tomorrow ( he has a blue waistcoat and a dickie bow )for Zak as he mugs my mum for toys to play with.

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