Role Reversal

While poor Beanie’s convalescing at home, it’s now Biggles’ turn to have fun in the park. Yesterday morning I took him along to have a little play with Beanie’s pals. The “puppy field” is a short distance away from the car park so my plan was to carry him there, taking the most direct route. Of course I’d forgotten how hard it is to go anywhere at a decent pace when you’ve got a Beagle pup in your arms – you get the “aww” reaction from absolutely everyone you meet. Twenty minutes and countless introductions later I finally made it to the field and unleashed my wriggling, excited little bundle of a Beagle.

He ran around saying hello to everyone, whether they had four legs or only two, and was quickly accepted as one of the gang.

Beanie’s chums Kirby, Zak and Amber all came over to see him, but I think he was just too young to hold their interest for long. He was welcomed very warmly by the other Beagles though. He’d already had a play session with Tess and her two pups Tara and Clara of course, so I fully expected him to play well with them:

What surprised me though was how well he got on with Beanie’s sister Bella. The two hit it it off almost instantly.

For a time he followed her around like a shadow – even when there were interesting things going on elsewhere:

In return she took him under her wing and helped introduce him to other park regulars.

I really think they felt a connection to one another. They both have the same dad so Bella is Biggles’ half-sister. Maybe he saw her as a surrogate Beanie!

Biggles quickly learned that good things can be had from the human types, if you look cute and sit nicely:

though it doesn’t work every time!

He seemed more interested in sniffing and investigating things than Beanie was on her first few outings..

..but just like Beanie, his recall was pretty good, even though he didn’t always run to the right person!

I’m right here Biggles! Er… Biggles…

I also noticed that he’s not as inclined to get into wrestling matches with the other pups as Beanie was at his age. This is I think a good thing, although it was very funny to see Beanie get much, much bigger dogs on their backs.

I kept the outing quite short but Biggles still had a great time.

Hopefully it made up for some of the play sessions he can’t have at home until Beanie’s fully recovered.