Biker Beagles

Where to start – it’s been a hectic few weeks!

We’ve been looking to buy a field for our Beaglets for quite some time now. Two or three weeks ago we found a 9 acre field for sale that looked perfect. It was double fenced with secure sheep fencing with thick beech hedgerows between the fences. The current owners are keen conservationists and had planted little woodlands in the middle of the field. There’s a burn filled with otters, king fishers and brown trout running most of the way around the field and they had created a lovely walkway amongst the trees along its banks. It was perfect and they led us to believe it was ours if we wanted it. Needless to say pretty much everything else went out the window. In the excitement we even missed The Big Fun Run and a flyball comp in Redcar! Unfortunately it all fell through so it’s back to the drawing board….and the normal routine.

The mountain bikes have been a huge success (Thanks for the suggestion Sam and Chigley!). It’s amazing how much you find on your doorstep when you’ve got a bike. It turns out that National Cycling Route 7 is just minutes from our front door. Just 10 minutes along it is Pollock park which has lovely forest paths and a number of purpose built mountain biking courses graded from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Advanced’. We find we can easily manage 15 miles or so while the Beaglets nap after their morning walk.

We’re not really competent enough bike riders to go out with Beanie and Biggles yet but the other day we decided to take one bike along to the park and see how they reacted to it. We started out just pushing the bike with the dogs attached before progressing to sitting on the bike and free-wheeling a bit.

Next we decided that Paul should ride ahead a little then I’d unclip the dogs one at a time to see if they’d chase the bike. First time it worked great – Beanie and Biggles tore along behind him baying their heads off. They were rewarded with a tasty lump of cheese when they caught him. Second time we tried it they tore along behind him, caught him, then ran straight past him – still baying their heads off. Paul caught up with them a few minutes later having a sniff in the woods. Beanie re-joined him but Biggles wasn’t ready to give up his freedom quite so quickly. We could hear his “aarff, aarff, aarrf” in the woods not far from us and waited patiently for a couple of minutes. A couple of walkers emerged from the woodland paths giggling about the funny little white dog that was tearing round and round the trees barking his head off! Moments later our little boy emerged from the woods with his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging.

Finally Paul attached them onto the canni-cross kit and I took off on the bike while the three of them ran along behind me:

Still a way to go until it’s safe to attach the dogs to the bikes, but they’ll soon get used to running free with us. We just need to find somewhere nice and safe…..

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  1. beagle training

    We’ve just been looking into harnesses for our Beagle, as we’re about to start biking with him. I really liked the look of the fleecy ones you used (they looked really comfy),

  2. Kathleen

    That’s a shame about that field, it sounds perfect!!Did the sellers mess you about?
    Also how are you finding those ruffwear harnesses,they look secure and very robust?

  3. Susan Post author

    Hi Kathleen, I trust Nollaig is still doing well???

    It was a whole farm being sold and they’d split it into 3 lots. The owners told us that they wanted us to have the field if it went as separate lots as the competition was coming from farmers and they’d ruin the land. However, someone came along at the last minute and bought the whole farm. It was lovely – and not far from you I think (near Stewarton)?

    The Ruffwear harness are the business! Extremely comfy and very secure. It’s really nice to know that if your wiggly-maggot beagles are getting a bit out of control you just grab them by the handle and lift!!!!

    A bit expensive but well worth it.

  4. Kathleen

    Nollaig appears to continue feeling well at least,I have to go back on Wednesday and see how those red cells are coming along, hopefully up up up!!

    Stewarton just under 10 miles from us.You must be disappointed, but it happened for a reason.

    Is the sizing easy to work out for the harnesses? Yes,you’re right those handles definitely appeal to me!!

    Take care

  5. Susan Post author

    I’ll keep everything crossed for her!

    Sizing is very easy. It tells you how to measure. There’s lots of overlap between sizes and they recommend getting the smaller size. Ours are both Extra Small. So yours will either be the same for your smaller dogs or Small. I doubt you’d want bigger than that.

    Lure coursing is on again this Sunday if you’re interested? A great day out if the dogs are all up to it, but it is a long day.

  6. Kathleen

    Thanks Susan I will look for the cheapest online price for the harnesses.
    Too long a day to leave Nollaig for lure coursing at the moment.There’s too many times during the day when she needs to get her food and meds and her holistic bioprep.
    Hope you enjoy it though and it’s a good dry day!

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