Yesterday we discovered a fantastic new place to take Beanie and Biggles for walks. 50 square kilometers of securely fenced moorland with 90 kilometers of well maintained tracks. It’s in the middle of nowhere with no roads nearby, no bushes and trees for the dogs to hide behind and there’s very little wildlife. It’s our local wind farm:



Our Beaglets had a blast!


They kept running on ahead until they were little dots on the horizon then they’d turn on their heels and come sprinting back. Until a couple of months ago Biggles was very good off-lead, but recently he’s been so crazy with excitement that he’s oblivious to us. We have no control at all and he doesn’t even want our treats. Fortunately Beanie has turned into a little angel and he follows her back every time. They spent quite a bit of time by our side which was a pleasant surprise.







It’s very rarely that Biggles goes anywhere without Beanie. But at one point he suddenly left the path and sprinted across country until he disappeared over the horizon. We heard some woofing then a couple of minutes later he came sprinting along the path from the opposite direction…..followed by some people on horseback. Fortunately they took a different turning so they never found out that the little hooligan was with us!

Is that horse pooh I smell?

The paths will be perfect for cycling. Miles and miles of tracks, hardly a soul in sight and no risk of the dogs getting near a road or livestock. We plan to take just one bike with us next time we’re there and see how things go.


Just to give you an indication of the size of the turbines…

A single blade on display at the centre



Looking up from the base of one of the turbines

Eventually we headed back to the car park with two very happy little doglets. As we approached the car we bumped into the horse riders Biggles had terrorized earlier. “Oh, there he is again – and look there’s two of them!”. It turned out our little boy had endeared himself to them. After a little bit of woofing he decided to trot along beside them for a while before sprinting back to us. They really were quite taken with him and thought he was quite a “dashing young man” in his little red harness – what a little charmer!

2 Replies to “Windmills”

  1. Kathleen

    Where is this wind farm? It looks ideal for a gang of rowdy beagles.Definitely securely fenced, and no traffic and NO picnickers!!?
    Do you know how high fencing is? Chino can now jump over one of our at least 4ft fences but thankfully not the 6ft perimeter fence!!

  2. Susan Post author

    Definately no traffic and it’s just not suitable terrain for picnics. (Remember that time we met up at the beach and Beanie led your mob on a picnic raid? :) )

    When I say securely fenced I’m not sure how true that actually is. We saw loads of very secure sheep fencing (4ft high) but can’t guarantee that it’s all secure. But if you consider that it’s 50 square KM with nothing but more open moorland beyond the fences where are they going to go?

    Ours tend to run off out of sight but come back very regularly. The only concern is that on a jaunt they get into danger. Here there’s very little scope for that. They’re unlikely to get to a boundary (ours mostly stayed on the paths), and if they do it’s only open moorland.

    A huge space to loose your dogs in if they tend not to come back, but very little danger.

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