Just a short post to celebrate Biggles’ latest achievement. No, for once it doesn’t involve him finding a way into locked cupboards or nabbing items from hitherto unreachable shelves. This time he’s managed to do something desirable: he’s learned to weave properly! For a while now he’s been able to get through the poles if I guide him through, either by using a lead on him or by walking very close by him at just the right pace, but now none of that is necessary. As proof, I give you Professor Biggles of the International Weaving Advancement Group (IWAG):

OK, it doesn’t look like much, and there are only 6 poles, but trust me it’s a huge breakthrough for my little boy. I’ve still got to get him up to 12 poles before his next lesson, but I don’t think that’ll be hard.

Finally, here are a few shots from the last week’s shenanigans:


The wasps are back and Beanie’s standing guard by their hiding place in our door vents


A surprise attack on her brother..


And an extended play fight on the bed..




Biggles can now add weaving to his impressive list of talents (though farting will always be his primary skill)

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  1. Paul Post author

    Thanks! I’m really chuffed with The Prof. We had a little practice session today and he managed 8 poles no problem, so we’ll easily make 12 poles by his next lesson.

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