A Bridge Too Far

Looks idyllic doesn’t it? The sun bursts through the clouds to warm a frost-bitten landscape as an intrepid dog walker heads across the bridge with her two faithful Beagles at her side…


The reality is that Beanie decided to harass a family on the other side of the field who’d got a shopping bag full of sweet drinks, sweets and other tasty, smelly things. It’s not the first time this has happened, and direct physical intervention is always required. In other words, one of us has to go after her and drag her away from the edibles. Susan volunteered for the retrieval mission, and Biggles decided he go along for the ride. At least the two munchkins were mercifully and unexpectedly well behaved on the return journey, and by way of reward they had a brilliant play time with other doggy pals.

First there was Sam who was very, very fast and well up for a good chase with Beanie.

Then a couple of Pointers turned up. One was white with tan markings which gave her an almost Beagle-like appearance from the neck up. She was great fun..

but her black and white colleague was a huge hit with everyone!

Great for chases..

..yet very gentle and indulgent with our naughty little boy.

Come to think of it, Biggles made a lot of new friends during that park session..

..and he got to watch a very long stick fight between Robbie and Baxter. Robbie has recently gained a black collar in the ancient martial art of Retriever-Do, so it’s hardly surprising that he won this exchange.

But whatever the breed, Saturday was a great day to be a dog!