New Experiences

Meeting Santa wasn’t the only exciting new experience for Biggles this week! Earlier in the week he came along to Beanie’s agility practice session and had a little sniff around the equipment. Today he joined Beanie in the swimming pool.

Biggles won’t start proper swimming lessons until he’s growth spurt finishes at around 6 months old. But right now he is still young enough not to be afraid so we wanted to introduce him to water now. He seemed to instinctively know how to swim! Here’s a little video clip showing his first dip in the pool. Watch his little legs start to swim before they even touch the water :)

He had a second brief dip a few minutes later and swam beautifully!

Clara and Tara (Tess’s babies) had their first swim too at 6 months old. Being older and wiser than Biggles they were pretty apprehensive at first, but did just great once they found their sea legs.

You can see Clara & Tara, Tess and all the other participants of the recent Glasgow Dog Training Club Pool Party on the Glasgow Dog Training Club Blog.

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