News – A Big Event and GPS Tracking Collars

A couple of bits of info that might be of interest…..

The Best Beagle Event of the Year – Sunday 3rd May 2009

Firstly (in case I’ve forgotten to tell anyone personally) the Caledonian Thistle Pedigree Whippet Racing Club are holding Scotland’s first open race on Sunday 3rd May 2009. It’ll be attended by Whippets from across the UK and it sounds as if there’s going to be TV coverage!

The club have had a Beagle division for the past few years. We think this is the only Beagle racing club in the world! If you need a reminder of how much fun Beagle racing is for Beagles and owners alike take a look at this montage of clips and images from the 2008 season:

By popular request (from the Whippet owners!), the club are including the Beagles in their special event. No experience necessary, and as it’s a handicap race every Beagle that enters has a chance of taking home the trophy! So anyone that’s already been to the racing make sure you sign up for the big race (contact Maggie on 01236 830 273). And if your Beagle has never raced but you’d like to give it a try get in touch with Maggie!


You’ll find more information about Beagle Racing on the Scottish Beagle Club website or the Caledonian Thistle Pedigree Whippet Racing Club website

GPS Dog Tracking Collar

The next bit of news is that we’ve finally got hold of some GPS tracking collars for Beanie and Biggles. The collars are lockable and made of kevlar so can’t be removed by dog thieves. If the dogs leave a preprogrammed perimeter (e.g. our garden, or a safe area of a park) or go out of sight during walks we can track them on special OS mapping software on our mobile phones. Hopefully we’ll be in a position to post up a review within the next week – so watch this space!