Are Beagles Getting Bigger Nowadays?

Another lovely day yesterday so we took Beanie and Biggles down to Ayrshire for a nice walk along the Ayr Gorge, then lunch in the dog friendly Failford Inn afterwards. They had a lovely time, and met a new pal…

Meet Puffin:


Hopefully Puffin will be coming to racing to run the guantlet race with the Beagles. It’s such a shame that Beanie and Biggles will miss it – they’ll be doing their special training and won’t be taking part in normal races for a while.

Puffin and Beanie:


8 Replies to “Are Beagles Getting Bigger Nowadays?”

  1. Tara, Clara & Tess

    she completely dwarfs Beanie. Giant Beagle on the loose!! Run for the hills!!

  2. Angela Bryant

    Whoa, Puffin is rather long-legged for a beagle. His snout is extra long, too. Maybe he has some foxhound in him?

  3. Susan Post author

    Actually he’s full foxhound. His owner had a foxhound cross that she got from a rescue. He was such a great dog that when the time came to get another she begged the owner of a pack of hunting hounds in Ireland to give her one. You don’t really get show/pet bred foxhounds.

    He is STUNNING. And apparantly quite good – better behaved than our two it would seem and he’s only a year old. When we first saw him coming towards us I thought “That great dane looks exactly like an oversized beagle!”.

    He really is exactly like an oversized beagle. Perhaps not so much like a show bred beagle, but more like real pack Beagles – more athletic looking than show-type dogs.

    I always imagine that foxhounds were just a bit bigger than beagles. I guess you always see them beside horses in photos and that makes them seem smaller than they really are.

    But keep it to yourself. I’m hoping to pass him of as a Beagle for the racing so he can scare the cr*p out all the track hooligans! I hope he does turn up because I’d love to see him run. An absolutely stunning dog.

  4. Fiona

    That’s a tall dog! When we went to the Beagle Rescue kennel to see if we could adopt, they first showed us 3 ‘Beagle’ puppies. About a year old, but much taller and longer legs than I’ve ever seen in another Beagle. I was sure they were part Foxhound.
    We ended up adopting William, who is big compared to most Beagles, but proportionately so. He doesn’t have that long-legged look, he’s just an Economy size dog!We asked the vet if he might be part Lab, as he has that look about him, but the vet reckons he’s pure, just a bit of a throw-back to when Beagles used to be bigger.

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