Beeping Scary

It’s funny how Beanie & Biggles get frightened by completely different things, despite having lived with us since early puppy-hood and gone through much the same socialization process. From a fear point of view Biggles is definitely our most robust Beagle. He’ll happily sound off at much larger dogs and cattle/horses even though one might some day break free of its restraints and pay him a visit; he isn’t the least bit wary of cars and large vehicles (I kind of wish he was); and he isn’t even all that troubled by thunder or fireworks.

He is however very much afraid of fire, fast flowing water, and gappy floor surfaces. Quite often when the local farmers have a bonfire going we have put our heads down and sprint to get past it without any panics. On our recent visit to Castle Stalker it took us a good five minutes and numerous biscuits to get across 50 yards of unevenly planked bridge.


I should also mention that he once got scared by Beanie’s squeaky squirrel toy when it wrapped itself round a leg during a play session.


But big vicious green and yellow alligators? No problem for The Bigglet.

By contrast, Beanie has a much longer list of things that put her on red alert. Loud fireworks and thunderstorms are in joint first place, but below that we have: people dressed as Santa Claus, wheelie bins on the move, flapping bin bags, indistinct figures moving in foggy / misty conditions, and our uber-powerful vacuum cleaner which we refer to as The Sniffy Monster.


The world can be a scary place if your name is Beanie

Just recently two new things made it onto her list. The first, rather oddly, is the sci-fi movie Interstellar. Now I should point out that the Beanster has long been my most hardy movie watching companion. She’s grumbled, snored and farted her way through the director’s cut of The Exorcist. Paranormal Activity didn’t bother her in the slightest, and Insidious couldn’t distract her from the pile of monkey nuts I was snacking when we saw it on DVD for the first time.

How naughty will I be today? [IMG_8661]

No amount of Paranormal Activity troubles The Pupplet, and The Exorcist just reminds her of that time she ate far too many frozen peas

However Interstellar – with its paltry “12” rating – had her making a hasty departure from the movie sofa to go and sit shaking on Susan’s lap in another room. The emergency evacuation came shortly after a spacecraft launch sequence, so I figure it was down to a particular sound frequency in that scene. Maybe she thought it was thunder, yet film sequences containing actual thunder don’t worry her at all. Go Figure.

So Interstellar is actually a horror film, but it’s still less scary than Beanie’s other new phobia: devices beeping intermittently because their batteries are dying. It’s happened twice in recent weeks.

The first occurrence was with a smoke alarm in our house; I was immersed in work and that periodic water-torture “beep” was going off for maybe an hour before it finally drove me to do something about it. When I did I discovered little Beanie sitting still and tense, backed into a corner by the front door.  I felt bad that the alarm had been troubling her for all that time, but a couple of weeks later the battery in our carbon monoxide detector died and we weren’t even aware of the beeping for half a day or more. Beanie presumably could hear it every single time it went off. Instead of cowering by the door she became very clingy, wanting to stay by Susan and sit on her lap. It was only when one of us happened to visit the utility room (home of the detector) just as a beep went off that we realized what was worrying Her Little Furry Highness.

Needless to say I now have a stockpile of long lasting 9v batteries ready for future emergencies, but some bright spark needs to create ear-defenders that worried little Beagles can wear whenever there’s a scary noise.


I’d be quite happy for Beanie to borrow my ambient-cancelling headphones..


But they just don’t fit that well over silky Beagle lug flaps. Poor design if you ask me!

8 Replies to “Beeping Scary”

  1. jill

    love these photos of them, do you take them yourself? i think its cute when my beagle gets scared, even though its kind of sad it makes me feel needed cause my snoopy is so independent. im glad little biglet is such a brave boy, his fears are quite human, i’d be scared of fire and gappy bridges too!

  2. Paul Post author

    Thanks Jill, yep the photos are all homegrown. We feel the exact same way about Beanie when she’s scared; ordinarily Beanie’s quite aloof and cuddle-averse but when she’s scared she often needs a lap to sit on. Of course she’s also more receptive to cuddles when she’s getting food, so at least there is that non-scary alternative!

  3. Susan in Delaware

    Lady pretends to be brave and tough, but after having her for two years, I have realized that her hard outer coating is very thin, and inside she is very soft, gooey and sweet. :) Regarding the beeping smoke alarm reminder, our poor Jordan was terrified and would race out the dog door and shiver behind the shed. It was reassuring to know he would make it out of the house if there ever was a fire. Josie, on the other hand, didn’t care. And based on her propensity to seek out heat (e.g., roast in the sun on a 35 C day), we figured she’d just walk out of the smoking, ashen rubble of our home and exclaim, “Finally it was warm enough in there!”

  4. Paul Post author

    Well at least Jordan’s instincts were solid from a survival point of view. Beanie on the other hand doesn’t seem to mind at all when the alarm actually goes off (other than grumbling and burying her head under a blankie). So an actual life-threatening fire would be OK from her point of view, but that low battery beep is a thing of horror!

  5. Julie, Cassie's Mum

    Interestingly JB was terrified smoke too. And the sound of sizzling on the stove and, for some resson, nuns!! We have a convent near us and so we often saw nuns but it never got any better. He obviously saw them as Beanie Sees Santa!!! Cassis and Buzz don’t seem to have any such hang ups so far!

  6. Paul Post author

    Hehe.. Susan was scared of nuns too as a young kid. Blames the Sound of Music for it. Must make a mental note never to let Beanie watch the Sound of Music, along with Interstellar :)

    It’s funny how certain uniforms can set them off though. I wonder how they’re visually interpreting someone dressed as Santa or a nun? Their view of the world must be so different from ours.

  7. Julie, JB, Cassie and Buzz's Mum

    I meant to say before – these latest pictures of the pups are stunning!

  8. Paul Post author

    Thanks Julie! Getting Biggles to roll around with his alligator was easy. Getting Beanie to sit still with my headphones was.. a lot less easy :)

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