Baying Beagles, Bikes and Mud

We went up to the Wind Farm again today and this time we took one of the bikes with us. It dwarfed our little car but it coped very well with the extra load.

As we approached the moors a very thick fog descended. You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, let alone the windmills! It was really quite eerie – first you’d hear the funny swishing noise then a giant blade would come swooping out of the sky, apparently from nowhere.

We started out with Beanie and Biggles on very long training lines so they could have a good sniff about – we didn’t want them tiring themselves out too much. Paul and Biggles took one route and Beanie and I another – we met up in the middle an hour later and headed back to the car for the bike. Then the fun and ‘aaarfing’ really began. Paul attached Beanie and Biggles to the canni-cross belt and I jumped on the bike. We all headed off at speed with Paul practically flying along behind his warp-drive beagles! I thought I’d need to ride slowly to let them keep up, but no way were Beanie and Biggles letting me lead the pack. Thay “aaaaroooh’d”, “aaarfff’d”, grunted and bayed the whole way and put on an extra spurt of speed and noise every time I tried to take the lead. Poor Paul just huffed and puffed and did his best to stay on his feet.

We finally headed home about 3 hours later with half a ton of mud weighing us down. The pampered little beaglets had a hot bath then crashed out in a nice cozy bed.

One Reply to “Baying Beagles, Bikes and Mud”

  1. Sam & Chigley

    I’m very pleased to see that you’re discovering the delights of beagles, biking & barking! ……& the subsequent peace & quiet ( although short lived) of the tired beagle!
    It’s great to hear that your beaglets enjoy it as much as Chig does & that they too have the need for speed & to lead the pack….they do so much love to run!
    It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out when they’re both in harness to your bikes……..I can imagine it’ll get very competitive ….make sure you have a wide cycle path with no one heading towards you!

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