Chariots of The Dogs

The internet is littered with theories that ancient civilizations didn’t build wonders such as the pyramids all by themselves – that they had a little “outside” help. Beanie and Biggles can now report that these theories are correct, and that the other-worldly entity who provided this aid is called “Fergus”.

It all started yesterday morning when our intrepid adventurers discovered this huge construction in their garden:


I’m sure you’ll agree that its resemblance to the Mayan pyramids is undeniable, yet this 8th Wonder of The World was definitely built by the Fergus entity. We know this because he came along yesterday afternoon to put some extra steps on the back to make it easier for Biggles to reach the top.


Biggles spies a route to the summit of the pyramid. Beanie of course just plain jumped up there –  it’s not that much higher than the kitchen table, and she jumps onto that all the time!


The mysterious Fergus entity surveys his amazing work

You see Biggles is very good at jumping and grabbing things off table tops and shelves, but he hasn’t yet worked out how to jump on to things. Beanie on the other hand has the complementary special ability; she can jump onto just about anything, but she can’t do the jump-and-grab motion that Biggles is so very, very good at. If our Beagles ever manage to mind-meld and share their superpowers we’re in big trouble, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I digress – back to the Great Pyramid of Irvine! It’s a got a round bit you can run through, a small cave that you can crawl into and hide in, and of course the aforementioned steps that lead up to the summit.




It’s early days but initial indications (e.g. squabbling over who gets to sit on top or inhabit the “cave”) are that the pyramid is going to be a very popular addition to our garden.

5 Replies to “Chariots of The Dogs”

  1. Penny & Molly

    What a fabulous construction Molly and Henry would love to play in/on that! Happy games Biggles & Beanie.

  2. Burnhouse Collies

    I browse your site every day and all I do is laugh and praise you both. Why, because your priority is the happiness of the dog and nothing else.
    I wish you four lots of laughs and great fun, as I have all the time with mine.

    Are they not just wonderful……
    Burnhouse Collies and Dolly

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