Beanies Three

It’s Beanie’s third birthday today and Beanie being Beanie she spent the day resting a sore leg!


Beanie and Biggles are entering a fun agility competition at the end of the month so we’ve been taking them for agility lessons to prepare them. They’ve been doing well and this inspired us to make some nice wooden agility jumps for Beanie’s birthday. The wood arrived on Friday and we’ve spent every waking minute since then cutting, sanding, screwing and painting to get them ready in time for a practice session on her birthday. I guess we allowed the beaglets to spend too much time racing around the garden amusing themselves while we were busy – hence the sore leg.

The weather has been lovely recently and as we’ve been so busy building agility jumps we’ve stuck to local walks this week. One of my favorites is the Beach Park which is just a few minutes away. This is even nicer than walking along the beach as it’s quite high up and you get to look down on the sea. It’s also very hilly and great for cross country running. We’re all entered into a couple of cani-x races at the end of this month and Paul and I have also spent some time running here without the dogs in an attempt to get fit.

Irvine Beach Pano Small

Another favorite walk is from our front door. A lovely 5 mile country walk through farms, along country roads and cycle tracks. It’s beautiful all year round but I particularly like this time of year.




Anyway, back to the birthday girl. Her main pressie – 8 posh new agility jumps will need to wait for another day. Biggles has had a little go but don’t tell Beanie!



Beanie managed to rally round for her birthday cake. And if I say so myself it was a particularly nice one. At the last minute I realised we had no eggs so I made a tasty lamb meat loaf cake with natural yogurt icing instead. The best bit was that the beaglets got to eat the WHOLE cake for brekkie!





A few more pressies (two of everything – it is of course the Biggly boy’s un-birthday after all):



And finally a little video clip.

And just when we thought all the excitement was over our next door neighbor popped in with a goodie bag full of pressies for the birthday girl and un-birthday boy.

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