If you go down to the woods today you’d better watch where you’re putting your feet!

Since there are so few proper Cani-X races in Scotland at the moment, we’re supplementing with Park Runs – organized, timed but free-to-join 5k runs around parks. Dogs are allowed so long as they’re on lead and well controlled, and Beanie & Biggles – despite all their faults – are actually really well behaved on a run with other people to follow.

This morning we went along to a park run in Glasgow, and against all odds got to run in sunshine. It still wasn’t exactly dry – the paths we were running on were waterlogged from the gales and monsoons of the last week – but this unexpected gift from the weather gods was certainly appreciated, and there was a good turnout – well over 200 runners.

Things started well for me and Biggles; I’ve been doing a bit more running of late and I felt pretty good as we headed off. We overtook lots of people – which Biggles loves – and we looked set to improve on our previous time, but then as we reached the half way point I felt a grumbling from down below. From my abdomen that is, not from Biggles. It started off as a polite request from the bowel department, but in the space of a minute it turned into a demand at gunpoint! When I spotted a break in the trees, I had no choice but to leave the path to go do what bears do in the woods.

In a way it wasn’t entirely unexpected; earlier last week Susan and Biggles had been hit by a tummy bug (funny how human and doggy illnesses often coincide!) and it was probably only a matter of time before it claimed me as another victim. It was pretty embarrassing though – I mean you expect to have to stop running occasionally to deal with a doggy number two, but not with one of your own! Anyway, there I am, squatting on my imaginary throne, hoping to stay hidden in the trees, when Biggles realizes that the other runners are passing him by. Being the Bigglet, his immediate response was to start baying at full volume, unwittingly doing everything he could to call attention to my misfortune! Thankfully no-one responded and we were able to return to the course without being arrested, though all hopes of getting a decent time had been dashed.

Susan & Beanie’s run didn’t go too well either; Susan’s calves cramped up early on and that severely limited her pace. Little Beanie did her best to help though, and as they approached the finish Susan managed a sprint to the line alongside another runner and her dog:



So it may not have been our best park run ever, and it was memorable to me for all the wrong reasons, but at least one half of our team got to finish in style!

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  1. Louise McAllister

    It could only happen to Paul! This has been the first time I have had a chance to catch up on all your goings on.

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