Canicross Scotland – Running With Dogs

We ran our first 5k fun run (Glasgow East 5k) with Beanie when she was just 8 months old. It all happened quite by chance but we knew immediately that running was for us. Beanie and Biggles now have quite a little stash of road race medals and have also taken part in a few UK Canicross events. Canicross is the business! But sadly, whilst popular in Europe and to a lesser extent in the South of England, canicross hasn’t yet ‘arrived’ in Scotland. With just one or two formal events held in Scotland and the North of England each year things looked a little bleak.

However, in recent weeks things have progressed very well. We started attending Glasgow parkrun and Strathclyde parkrun and through that managed to get in touch with other canicross enthusiasts. To cut a long story short our group of enthusiasts has now evolved into “Canicross Scotland – Running with Dogs“. Our aim is to help develop the sport in Scotland by putting enthusiast throughout the country in touch with each other. We’ll also plan to arrange lots of free, informal canicross training runs and events in picturesque locations throughout Scotland – forests, beaches, woodland, parks and so on.

Here’s our website:

If you, or anyone you know is interested in joining us then please do get in touch. If you have a dog or running related website then we’d be very grateful if you would link to us. Please help us to spread the word. You’ll make two little Beagles very happy!

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